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Homemade Sea Salt Saline Solution for Little Noses


Salt is naturally anti microbial. Saline nasal spray is a go-to of many parents, conventional and “foodie” moms and pops alike, when the green snotty nose critters make their way into their child’s system. It is also recommended by conventional docs, as well as naturopaths and doctors/advocates of natural medicine. Whether you want to save money or avoid introducing chemicals found in conventional nasal sprays purchased at the store, this post is for you.

Many of us “foodie” folks have a discovery along our paths that makes us want to kick our own $@& for stupidly overlooking something that you would think would be exempt from the chemical craze in the majority of over-the-counter products. Saline nasal spray was one of them for me. I mean, saline, salt water…that’s a safe bet. Why would you need to add chemicals to something so simple? I didn’t actually have this thought process because if I had, I’d have definitely read the label…I do on everything (apparently, almost everything) anymore. It was just one of those “simple” things that escaped my consciousness as something to even check, something that I’ve used for years, that was already in our remedies cabinet, and was a habitual go-to when one of the kids were sick.

It wasn’t until I had a bit of a nasty nose myself this time around that I used the “saline” nasal spray and was caught off guard. My reaction? “OMG. What the WHAT is this that I just sprayed up my nose?!?!? What is this that I’ve repeatedly sprayed up my children’s noses?!?! That is NOT simple saline solution.” It smelled, tasted and felt like I just sprayed a public pool in my nose. No wonder they get so ticked when I put this in their noses!! And so the label inspection began…I’m not going to go into detail of the label as I don’t have the time at the moment and the purpose of this post is to provide a solution, not preach on the problem.

My first thought was that saline solution can’t be difficult to make at all. So, the net search commenced. This was one of the articles I stumbled upon and found helpful. 0.9% saline solution equals 9 grams of salt to 1 liter of water. That in itself can’t be too tough, but I really didn’t want to make an entire liter, nor did I want to deal with all the sterilization business for just nasal spray that I will be using for a very brief time before dumping. This can easily be made fresh every day or two or with each illness.

After a little searching I decided to use my glass-bottled Mountain Valley Spring water as the base. Now, for measuring the ratios. Using an online converter for grams to ounces, I determined that 9 grams is equivalent to 0.3 ounces. I got out my postal scale, zeroed it with a small bowl atop the scale, and began with 1/2 teaspoon at a time of my Celtic Sea Salt, until I reached 0.3 ounces on the scale at four 1/2 teaspoons (ie 2 teaspoons). That makes for a very simple conversion of 1/2 teaspoon to 250 milliliters of spring water. So, I filled up a glass baby bottle to the 250 milliliter line, added 1/2 teaspoon of Celtic salt, placed it in the bottle warmer to help dissolve it, stirring with a stainless steel straw. The solution, when fully dissolved will go into a glass dropper bottle with a glass dropper to cool so I don’t have to worry about the petrochemicals leaching from plastics (especially a warm solution) into my clean homemade solution.

Now, I sit back in peace, knowing in mere moments I will have a safe and clean saline nasal solution for my children that is super easy! I will further my research to determine if this is the absolute best ratio for nasal solution specifically, but in the meantime, it’s much better than the alternative!

In summary:
250 mls spring water
1/2 tsp Celtic sea salt

Now, all you big industry “saline” nasal spray producers…is it really that difficult to keep something so simple, simple? No. Time to step it up a notch and ditch the chemicals, or you will continue to ditch your customers!

Final note: I would NOT advise using table salt as a substitution for this or any recipe calling for salt! True salt is sea salt. Table salt is a nasty lab-made chemical concoction. Celtic Sea Salt and pink Himalayan are both options that are a pantry staple here in our home. When we feel we are dealing with more serious critters, we use colloidal silver spray in the nares and/or humidifier/nebulizer/oil diffuser as well. Good luck!

Keeping a state of peace and joy

Please welcome guest author (and one of my favorite matrix energetics healers), Linda Easthouse, with the introduction of her fresh-off-the-press book: 

Pushing the Reset Button~ The busy professional’s guide to a healthy lifestyle you will love.

Screenshot 2014-12-09 23.14.03

Linda comes highly recommended by many, and will always have my personal recommendation. She has done multiple matrix energetics healing sessions with my youngest daughter and I will forever be so grateful that universe guided us to cross paths. Thank you, Linda, for being a guest on my site and sharing your innate wisdom with my followers!

In this season of busyness it is so important to keep our sense of peace. For some it is just the busyness of work parties, recitals, children’s Christmas events and school plays while for others it is the pain or trauma of losses felt keenly at this time of year, while for some the dread of family gatherings and the stress of strained relationships takes a toll. For some the financial burdens of the holiday spending are overwhelming.

What are you doing to keep yourself at peace and let go of the tensions that tie knots in your stomach and keep you up at night? Here are some easy tips to help you cope and keep your joy and peace. Continue reading Keeping a state of peace and joy

A profound healing journey

We are all connected...

Don’t you wish you could just click your heels and manifest your own reality? You can. Your wildest dreams, aspirations and visions of life for yourself are just an awakening away. Read on and you will understand.

I’ve always been a very spiritually grounded person. My mother has referred to me as “spirited” since I was a young child. I’ve always felt I was an “old soul” and was connected to something much bigger than I, but hadn’t been able to put my finger on it until recently. I was raised in a Baptist church, but as I got older I began to move away from “religion” and just work on my own relationship with The Almighty, the Creator Of All That Is, trying to understand just what this world is…it just didn’t make sense to me that the same individuals who preach to not judge are often the first to do so. I couldn’t make sense of all the hypocrisy, not only in the church, but alive and well in the online community of “Christians”. I decided I did not want to define myself as any particular religion. I did not want to limit my relationship with my Creator (I’ve always called Him God, but the worldly name isn’t important) with human ideals and belief systems. I wanted to just exist with the presence of Creator, get to know Creator personally and let Creator share with me all that I am to know.

This journey has been several years in the making and late last year, I felt a strong inclination to just be still and wait for understanding. Creator began to work on me, building a community all around me and a passion for change through me. It was through this community that I was led to Ryan Bloom. Ryan and I had the opportunity to have multiple conversations over his vendor table throughout one weekend at the Live Happy, Be Pure Organic Festival and there was no doubt that a magnificent force had arranged this meeting. You see, Ryan has a deep understanding of his existence here on Earth and I was just an experience away from my own understanding. Although this incredible experience which Ryan introduced me to profoundly impacted my understanding, I still had some loose ends to weave. Now I had complete understanding of how to weave them. I just needed to BE and allow myself the space to grow. I just needed to exist, quit looking for signs and answers and just do what was presented to me though understanding.  I AM connected to something much bigger. YOU are connected to something much bigger. WE are all connected, in a magnificent way. Continue reading A profound healing journey

Happiness is…


Where is the most serene place you’ve ever been? Go there for a moment and revisit who you were there…what did you feel? Did you find yourself “another person” in that environment?  Can you even put the experience, the sensations or that person into words?  Isn’t it incredible how submerging yourself in nature can have such a profound effect on who you are and how you feel? What would you say if I told you that you can experience that same feeling all the time? What would you say if I told you this can be experienced by connecting yourself to that same nature through nutrition?  You can revisit that serenity in it’s entirety, times ten.  I know it sounds impossible that such a simple thing could produce such peace within and profound awareness of existence within this universe, but I assure you it most definitely does.

This week I have found myself repeatedly in awe of my creator.  How did I go this many years without realizing what an incredible powerhouse was created in us? I never questioned the power of our earthly soul home, but I surely didn’t understand just how powerful and intelligent it was until this week. One week ago I committed to a transformation challenge that a dear friend recommended to me. He couldn’t quite put into words the experience and now I understand why. I accepted the challenge, am so thankful I did, and even more thankful that he shared it with me.  I encourage you to introduce yourself to Ryan Bloom on his site HERE. He’s an inspiration, no doubt. Ryan, you’re amazing! xo

The first day was a bit of a challenge, but I hung on for the ride thinking to myself, “I did commit to 10 days of rejuvenation of the body, mind and spirit and I am ready to take this next step…I think.” By the third day I began to feel the empowerment and to notice things around me that normally just passed me by. I began to really take notice to the creation all around me and feel that desire to simply exist in it and let the busy world just keep moving around me, without disturbing my inner peace.  I am full of vibrant energy, void of hunger and for the first time in forever my body feels free, for lack of better words. I feel so incredibly empowered with no constraints, stresses and worries. I am able to just be. Amazing.

This moment in time has shown me just how addicted to food I am. (Don’t get me wrong, I’m not talking Cheetos and Taco Bell, I’m talking real food.) My entire life I have been conditioned to know that I must have a hand-to-mouth motion, accompanied by chewing and swallowing, several times per day to nourish my body. I have realized how much of a habit it has become to just eat every so often whether my body needs it or not…do you have that habit too?  This experience has helped me to break those associations and rid myself of the habitual thought to eat something because it has forced me to stop and evaluate why I was going to eat. It’s certainly not because my body is craving nourishment. I feel like a mean, lean, clean powerhouse. It’s certainly not because my body needs energy. I have more energy than I’ve had for years. It’s certainly not because I’m hungry…well, maybe, depending on how you define hunger. What is hunger? Is it your body’s signal that it is in need of energy or is it an every-so-many-hours-I-know-it’s-time-to-start-producing-acid-because-something-is-coming-in-here-and-I-know-this-because-it’s-happened-for-years feeling? Yes, at times I’ve “felt” hungry, but I also now know this is merely my stomach’s conditioned clock which is currently resetting. My stomach is re-learning one of it’s designed roles, which is to signal me only when my body is in need of fuel.  In the process I have lost a few inches which I am definitely not missing! I have embraced this cleanse as well as the physical, mental and spiritual transition that it has provided…and I’m ready for the next three days vacation!

If you’re feeling ready to take this step toward reclaiming your health and yourself, fill out the contact me form and I’ll be happy to share with you all about my journey and how you can get a jump start on yours!

~XO Rachel

UPDATE 1: Just completed day ten and ready for another ten! I am just absolutely blown away by how amazing I feel. I feel like a kid…you know how we always say, “Don’t you wish you still had that energy?” Well, now I do again and I know from only ten days of Purium that it will always be a part of my diet!! It just feels too good to feel so good and I’m not going back to the old me…young me straight ahead. I am awaiting my products to arrive and so excited to see what Round Two brings to the table 🙂 Stay tuned for more!


This initial journey has led into an incredible life transformation for me, which has led into a healing journey for my youngest daughter who has an extremely rare genetic arrangement. You can read this story HERE.

A breakthrough…

Photo obtained via
Photo obtained via Copyright Greg Olsen.

A brief but powerful post…Tonight I was made aware that a young child suffering with cancer has recently began to explore natural treatments with the mother. I have prayed and prayed for this family for over a year; I have requested prayer from numerous others; I have cried; I have worried; I have prayed; I have prayed again. I am so thankful that prayers from so many have been answered and this family has empowered themselves with knowledge and has taken the step to act on it in order to save this innocent child from the health detriment that chemo brings in a desperate attempt to save the life of their child. Thank you, God, for answered prayers. Please continue to take this child in your arms and heal the earthly body within which this precious soul was born. Please give the mother strength, courage, peace and confidence to provide an optimal environment for you to work your healing hands in, Lord. Please heal this child, Oh Lord. Please call on an army of angels to surround this family with peace and the spirit and faith of wellbeing in Your light for Your glory, Lord. Please continue to light the path for me in my journey to play just a tiny role in guiding others to explore the world of natural healing that you provide, and have provided since the beginning of time, for us, Lord. Readers, please pray with me an unspoken prayer for this family. Amen.