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Why This Non-GMO Activist Doesn’t Support the Non-GMO Label

Have you ever noticed that Monsanto doesn’t fight the Non-GMO Project™? You’re about to understand why. If you really are passionate about this cause you will hear me…and you will make necessary changes. We simply cannot just blindly follow the masses. We must be aware, smart, and then continuously strive to be more aware and smarter…

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The following opinions reflect only the personal assessment of an activist and are by no means an official statement on the part of or about the Non-GMO Project or any other entity. Readers may follow the links and each complete their own personal assessment.

I know many activists have spearheaded a lot of educational efforts on the issues surrounding GMOs. I respect you for that; please continue to do so, but with your eyes wide open and with an effort to keep the eyes open of those you educate. It is critical that we educate the masses. But, I will also say that, technically speaking, I don’t know that we even have an end goal and certainly haven’t attained it because we’re constantly switching up the goal: labeling, banning, labeling, calling crony legislators who could give two manure piles about what the people want. Do you get it? Labels aren’t going to stop the poisoning of our children. We have to educate, educate, educate. We have to critically think about what we are educating on. We have to continuously examine all aspects of this fight and adjust our sites as needed. Time spent in politics is currently an obvious waste of time. I say “currently” because I’d like to see our government turn around at some point, but we can’t hold our breath on that relative to GMOs because they’re simply moving much faster than we are in legislature. That is illustrated quite clearly in a recent blog (1) by one of the most widely known organizations about going to DC to oppose the DARK Act. The following excerpt is from the aforementioned blog:

Groups of activists walked to the front of the line and challenged the fairness of being denied entrance…blocking the inclusion of dedicated Americans who wanted with every fiber of their being to just be in the room.”

They are purposely blocking us left and right and we have continued to encourage others to waste time with that when we have no time to waste. I don’t understand why we keep fighting a losing battle. FORGET the legislators for now. They are bought. FORGET labeling. It’s not going to happen with legislators that are bought, and too many are. It’s time to focus on REMOVING the cause of all these problems, WITHOUT the help of the federal level legislators. WE ARE POWER. They have false power only, and it’s time to remind them whose country this is and who this government is supposed to represent through bypassing their system. The bottom line is this~they can make or refuse to make whatever laws they want, but we are the final decision makers as the end consumer. To clarify, I do see more hope in local county bans and such, but don’t see much hope on the big scene where Big Ag can more easily interfere. Continue reading Why This Non-GMO Activist Doesn’t Support the Non-GMO Label

GMO Candy Flyer for Trick or Treaters~Spread awareness in your neighborhood!

GMO Halloween

Have you ever thought about the local impact you could make by educating on Halloween through hand-outs to trick-or-treaters?

Click on the photo above to access and print off the full half page flyer. Please share this post with your friends, family and neighbors and ask them to share, print and hand out to trick-or-treaters to encourage locals to begin their journey towards clean food! Click on the facebook icon below to share this on your newsfeed and with all your contacts that care about sustainable living, clean food, clean air and clean water!!

Although the Non-GMO Project and Non-GMO label can be a starting point for some in starting to gather information on clean eating and begin to weed out the toxins their family is consuming all day everyday through GMOs, please be aware that “Non-GMO” does not mean “GMO-FREE”, just like non-toxic does not mean toxin-free. It is better than not observing at all, but still Continue reading GMO Candy Flyer for Trick or Treaters~Spread awareness in your neighborhood!

The most powerful and truthful film on healthcare of our time….

Blinding-ignorance-does (1)
Go ahead…empower yourself! Click on the photo above to view the trailer and rent the movie for online streaming.

I watched this film fresh off the press today and cannot recommend it highly enough to EVERY American!! A dear friend of mine, who is also in true healthcare, is a friend of Dr. Toni Bark, M.D., the doctor interviewing others in this film, and says without a doubt she is “the best doctor in America.” After seeing this film and what she’s done with it, I would have to say that doesn’t surprise me and I agree. The woman has guts and I applaud her…I have high respect for any medical professional who is willing to stick out their neck, question the system and do what’s right.

I know a lot about our “heath” care and food systems, what’s become of them, and where we are headed as a society if we don’t open our eyes but even I learned new information from this film.  This film is an absolute must watch for any mother, caretaker of young or old, anyone really. Please watch the film, share with your friends and family and try to remember to come back and comment to encourage others to do the same…it’s going to take all of us, on a united front, to change the mess we’ve created for ourselves with closed eyes.

Long ago, Leonardo da Vinci said, “Blinding ignorance does mislead us. O! Wretched mortals, open your eyes!” Continue reading The most powerful and truthful film on healthcare of our time….

Organic farmers of Southeast Missouri~Welcome!


It was suggested to me to create a page where our local organic farmers can comment what produce, meats, breads, etc. they have available for sourcing for our local restaurants that wish to join our efforts for local change. In order to beat the beast~Big Ag~we must, across America, support our local farmers that support sustainable agriculture in their practice. We must be their lifeline. We must insure they are able to continue their practice to support their families and pass on the ancient wisdom of sustainability to future generations of farmers. We must make it known that there is not a demand for pesticide and chemical laden foods, and there is not a demand for unsustainable practices like GMO farming. We must vote with our dollars, be cognizant of who and what our dollars are supporting and how that translates to future generations, to the world that we are borrowing from our children and our grandchildren.

Organic farmers* local to southeast Missouri, please comment below what products you have available for our local restaurants that desire to make efforts for change. I will be building a master list from our local meetings, phone communications, and in-person visits and will add those to this page as we make progress in developing our list. It is my goal to have at least one restaurant in our local area offer at least one option before the end of this season.

*Not required to be USDA organic certified, only capable of articulating and/or demonstrating upon a visit to your farm the measures you take to provide clean, sustainable food sources. Recommendations will also be taken from our local network of organic consumers and farmers that are familiar with fellow farmers’ practices. I will be working with my dear friend Organic Guru Lynnette Marie, author of Fuel for the Body and founder of the Pure Integrity Verified Seal and local organic farmers in “approving” the organic status of other local farms, in order to give confidence to our local consumers and restaurants that they are receiving what they seek in quality food.

Sign the petition to bring organic options to Cape Girardeau area dining establishments!!.



Study reveals American mothers’ breast milk is contaminated with Round Up herbicide…now what?

Study reveals glyphosate in breast milk, urine and tap water in America.
Study reveals glyphosate in breast milk, urine and tap water in America.

Breast is still best, but it’s time for change, big change. Period. Exclamation point.

We have been on this journey for some time now (March 2011), but in November 2013 decided to become a full-fledged hardcore foodie family and begin cutting out all toxins, including soaps, shampoos, cleaning products, detergents, personal care products, etc. and purifying our tap water. The grey area is just too vast to not take the plunge and play it safe. We have also boycotted purchasing anything from any company associated in any way with supporting GMOs, not only due to the health risks of the high levels of chemicals in them and unknown results of the genetic modification, but also to vote with our dollars. I refuse to support even companies that offer GMO and organic solutions but contribute funds against labeling and other solutions that would allow mothers to be more in control of what they put on the table. Therefore, we no longer buy Kellogg’s products, even though they have some product lines such as Kashi available that are supposedly toxin-free. If the company is not ethical and does not have an obvious true grounding in the real food industry, they don’t get our dollars. I don’t trust them, or their labels. Period.

In the last month or so, in my volunteer efforts to educate others on the presence of GMOs and contaminants in our food supply, I have been migrating away from speaking of labeling and moving toward knowing your farmer and choosing organic…these study results most definitely confirm that my new stance was right. You must know the source and ask their practices. Visit the farm and feel out their knowledge of and passion for real food, or lack thereof. Grow your own if you’re able. Labeling is not going to stop the contamination of non-GM crops. Labeling is not going to educate those unaware. Labeling is not going to stop the monopolization and overtaking of our food supply for profit. Labeling is not going to stop the contamination of our ground water. Labeling is not going to stop the killing of the bees and butterflies. Labeling is not going to stop the corporate power in government offices established to protect our health and rights. Labeling is not going to halt the rapid descent toward desecration of our entire existence through complete disruption of our ecosystems and sustainability of Mother Earth. Did I make my point yet?

Early in the year, I decided to have my 4 year old’s urine and our tap water tested for glyphosate (active ingredient in Round Up) to contribute additional data for this study being piloted through Moms Across America in order to hopefully throw a red flag to those with closed ears. I also wanted to know just how effective we had been in our journey to true health, free of toxins. Although we’ve put in great effort, our results and this study make it apparent that the need for this awareness movement is even greater than I had already known. Most of the mothers who participated in this study were also going to great lengths to avoid GMOs and chemical laden foods, yet still discovered that their babies were collateral damage in a monstrous profit scheme.  This speaks volumes…either our “clean” food is contaminated or the chemicals remain in our systems for a very long time…or both. Please take a moment to review the study at the end of the article and share the alarming results at every opportunity.

Remember the above statement referencing corporate powers in our protective agencies? It is up to us. We must, by word of mouth, spread this news in a grassroots movement and vote with our dollars. We must educate ourselves and others on the importance of local organics and avoiding big corporate grocers such as Walmart and Kroger who could care less about our health and are profiting on our demise without the bat of an eye. America has been fighting for labeling for years and our representatives not only are refusing to represent our wishes as we elected them to do, but are actively fighting against those wishes. We are currently facing the possibility of the passing of Federal laws which will prevent the states from making their own decision on GMOs to protect their respective constituents. Voting with our dollars and rendering the current prevalent agricultural mess an unsuccessful business model is the only answer. Along with that comes the absolute necessity to support our small scale local organic farmers. If we fail to do so, we may not have an option to purchase from them in the future and we are doomed, plain and simple. Please take a stance for our right to clean food.

If you would like to have your family’s urine and/or your tap water tested, the testing is still available through Moms Across America at this link.

View official press release here

Download full report on findings here

Holistically Heal Mission ( does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment and does not claim to prevent, cure or treat any disease process, but rather provides assistance for you to learn to support your body in a way to allow for God to do the healing. See Full Disclaimer Here

It’s ok, really it is…

A new visitor posted a message today, which made me realize I hadn’t yet addressed this in a post. You are not alone. We all feel overwhelmed when first looking at transitioning to real food. Baby steps…don’t try to do it all at once. The more you can eliminate from your diet, the better but it does take some time to go completely GMO free. Personally, I recommend just going all organic (yes, you can afford it and I will address that in a later post, but feel free to ask questions on how to eat organic cheaper than traditional in the meantime) because I’m not sure that the stronger concern with GMOs is the actual GM process and resulting altered plant DNA or all the pesticides and herbicides we are exposed to when consuming them. Pesticides and herbicides are also used in alarming quantities on non-GM crops, so really your best bet is to go organic as this way you avoid all the toxins, not just the concerns with GMOs. See to follow my response to this excerpt from the post, “GMOs are used in everything. It really seems impossible to me to omit them.”

I’m glad you were able to find me. You are correct; it is definitely a challenge in today’s world. I hope in my educational efforts I can play a small role in making the transition easier for folks by creating more consumer demand for more GMO free options in southeast Missouri. In the meantime I am happy to help anyone who desires to eliminate as much as possible. The more you can convert your diet to pure foods, the better. Unfortunately, right now it is next to impossible to completely eliminate without a lot of research or a little coaching from someone who’s done the research and self-practiced to know the feasible ways of eliminating. However, that’s no reason to not control what you can. I coach people to do your best, starting with cutting out what you know to be major offenders. #1: Regarding the livestock being fed GM grains…switch to grassfed beef as it will not be contaminated from chemical-laden GM feed. I can refer you to Continue reading It’s ok, really it is…