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Cancer Killers Seminar~Saturday, October 11~Cape Girardeau, Missouri

First and foremost, childcare is provided at this event from 9-12 at Cape Bible Chapel at 2911 Kage Rd in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. You owe it to yourself, and your family, to give yourself permission to join us in empowering yourself with life saving knowledge on beating the odds.

Elevation cancer

Millions are diagnosed with this deadly disease each year, but how much do we really know about cancer? Is it just genetic, or can it be prevented? Convention states that early detection is the key, but doesn’t that mean you’re already sick? And aren’t the standard treatments nearly as agonizing, as well as carcinogenic, as the disease itself? Continue reading Cancer Killers Seminar~Saturday, October 11~Cape Girardeau, Missouri

Taking on the Cancer Cronies


Recently a mother who is fighting for her baby boy’s life tagged me on Facebook asking for my opinion on this article. The article infuriated me. There are so many mothers out there like this one, who has been fighting for her baby’s life for over half of his life. He is now 3 years old and was diagnosed at 18 months. He has basically lived in various hospitals across the country for as long as he can remember and is still fighting. It’s the only life he’s known. A life of being confined within the walls of a hospital, away from friends and family, faced with needles, knives and poison.

I cannot imagine being a mother in this position searching for better answers and encountering an article full of malarkey like this…no wonder these mothers are so overwhelmed, confused and end up feeling stuck in the conventional medical model as it’s the  only “sure” thing because they are convinced by mainstream doctors (who are not educated on how to truly combat cancer in medical school) to believe that’s true. So many activists, natural survivors and unconventional doctors are doing their best to put the info out there via the web, but Big Pharm does a very good job of muddying the waters and it is completely unacceptable. Lucky for this one, his mother has been waking up for some time and is asking the right questions. Thousands of others are still in the dark.

I wrote a comment on her interrogatory post, debunking each of the attempts to debunk ‘myths’ by this joke of an article, and wanted to also share those comments here with my blog followers in hopes to make this more clear for many more than just this mother. This is not a comprehensive response, however, I hope I have covered enough of it just to make one question articles like this and do their own further research.

PLEASE if you or a loved one is diagnosed with cancer,  seek the help of a medicine person, holistic practitioner, naturopathic physician, etc. Conventional doctors in mainstream medicine are NOT equipped with the knowledge to help you beat the beast. Personally, if I were diagnosed, I would RUN from the oncologists as fast and far as I could.

First things first….this site is about as reliable as Snopes from past

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Cancer Killerz

Sushi dinner with Chris Wark of and Ian Jacklin of These two are some true cancer warriors and they mean business!

I spent the last three days in Branson, Missouri at the Live Happy, Be Pure Organic Festival and am in complete awe of the experience.  This was an incredible meeting of the minds, with anti-cancer activists (take advantage of the live links and save them as favorites) from all walks of life and various geographic locations.  Those present included Dr. Patrick Vickers, founder of the Gerson Treatment Center in Mexico, Bob Wright, author of Killing Cancer, Not People, Chris Wark, self-healed chemo-free survivor of, Ian Jacklin of, Jean Bee Sumner, cancer survivor and founder of World Wellness Education, Joni Abbott of Homegrown Health on Natural News Radio, Linda Christina Beauregard, author of I Gave Myself Cancer, I Can Take It Away, Chris Barr, Nutritional Historian of Not A Doc, Ryan Bloom, life coach and healer of Blooming in Love, and so many more (See here for more great links to resources of natural health).  Be watching for more posts to come, introducing new toxin-free solutions and products I was introduced to at this festival that I’m very excited to share and bring to you!

It was such an incredible blessing to the anti-cancer movement to have all these advocates of real healthcare under one roof. I had the opportunity to visit at length with several individuals on the same awareness advocacy path as myself, which always brings new information to the table as we all have areas that we’ve researched more extensively than others.  As a result of one of those conversations, I was later asked to be interviewed for a documentary in the making on pediatric cancer and am very excited to have had the opportunity to share my stance on the assault of our babies. So many of us are now networked and will be building momentum on one another’s efforts. God is good and I believe He is purposely aligning like minds for a common effort for His glory…God be with us in our united journey…

This video is an absolute must watch to understand what is happening with our health care system, information that is withheld from us and why.

Holistically Heal Mission ( does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment and does not claim to prevent, cure or treat any disease process, but rather provides assistance for you to learn to support your body in a way to allow for God to do the healing. See Full Disclaimer Here

A breakthrough…

Photo obtained via
Photo obtained via Copyright Greg Olsen.

A brief but powerful post…Tonight I was made aware that a young child suffering with cancer has recently began to explore natural treatments with the mother. I have prayed and prayed for this family for over a year; I have requested prayer from numerous others; I have cried; I have worried; I have prayed; I have prayed again. I am so thankful that prayers from so many have been answered and this family has empowered themselves with knowledge and has taken the step to act on it in order to save this innocent child from the health detriment that chemo brings in a desperate attempt to save the life of their child. Thank you, God, for answered prayers. Please continue to take this child in your arms and heal the earthly body within which this precious soul was born. Please give the mother strength, courage, peace and confidence to provide an optimal environment for you to work your healing hands in, Lord. Please heal this child, Oh Lord. Please call on an army of angels to surround this family with peace and the spirit and faith of wellbeing in Your light for Your glory, Lord. Please continue to light the path for me in my journey to play just a tiny role in guiding others to explore the world of natural healing that you provide, and have provided since the beginning of time, for us, Lord. Readers, please pray with me an unspoken prayer for this family. Amen.