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Sushi dinner with Chris Wark of and Ian Jacklin of These two are some true cancer warriors and they mean business!

I spent the last three days in Branson, Missouri at the Live Happy, Be Pure Organic Festival and am in complete awe of the experience.  This was an incredible meeting of the minds, with anti-cancer activists (take advantage of the live links and save them as favorites) from all walks of life and various geographic locations.  Those present included Dr. Patrick Vickers, founder of the Gerson Treatment Center in Mexico, Bob Wright, author of Killing Cancer, Not People, Chris Wark, self-healed chemo-free survivor of, Ian Jacklin of, Jean Bee Sumner, cancer survivor and founder of World Wellness Education, Joni Abbott of Homegrown Health on Natural News Radio, Linda Christina Beauregard, author of I Gave Myself Cancer, I Can Take It Away, Chris Barr, Nutritional Historian of Not A Doc, Ryan Bloom, life coach and healer of Blooming in Love, and so many more (See here for more great links to resources of natural health).  Be watching for more posts to come, introducing new toxin-free solutions and products I was introduced to at this festival that I’m very excited to share and bring to you!

It was such an incredible blessing to the anti-cancer movement to have all these advocates of real healthcare under one roof. I had the opportunity to visit at length with several individuals on the same awareness advocacy path as myself, which always brings new information to the table as we all have areas that we’ve researched more extensively than others.  As a result of one of those conversations, I was later asked to be interviewed for a documentary in the making on pediatric cancer and am very excited to have had the opportunity to share my stance on the assault of our babies. So many of us are now networked and will be building momentum on one another’s efforts. God is good and I believe He is purposely aligning like minds for a common effort for His glory…God be with us in our united journey…

This video is an absolute must watch to understand what is happening with our health care system, information that is withheld from us and why.

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A breakthrough…

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A brief but powerful post…Tonight I was made aware that a young child suffering with cancer has recently began to explore natural treatments with the mother. I have prayed and prayed for this family for over a year; I have requested prayer from numerous others; I have cried; I have worried; I have prayed; I have prayed again. I am so thankful that prayers from so many have been answered and this family has empowered themselves with knowledge and has taken the step to act on it in order to save this innocent child from the health detriment that chemo brings in a desperate attempt to save the life of their child. Thank you, God, for answered prayers. Please continue to take this child in your arms and heal the earthly body within which this precious soul was born. Please give the mother strength, courage, peace and confidence to provide an optimal environment for you to work your healing hands in, Lord. Please heal this child, Oh Lord. Please call on an army of angels to surround this family with peace and the spirit and faith of wellbeing in Your light for Your glory, Lord. Please continue to light the path for me in my journey to play just a tiny role in guiding others to explore the world of natural healing that you provide, and have provided since the beginning of time, for us, Lord. Readers, please pray with me an unspoken prayer for this family. Amen.

It’s ok, really it is…

A new visitor posted a message today, which made me realize I hadn’t yet addressed this in a post. You are not alone. We all feel overwhelmed when first looking at transitioning to real food. Baby steps…don’t try to do it all at once. The more you can eliminate from your diet, the better but it does take some time to go completely GMO free. Personally, I recommend just going all organic (yes, you can afford it and I will address that in a later post, but feel free to ask questions on how to eat organic cheaper than traditional in the meantime) because I’m not sure that the stronger concern with GMOs is the actual GM process and resulting altered plant DNA or all the pesticides and herbicides we are exposed to when consuming them. Pesticides and herbicides are also used in alarming quantities on non-GM crops, so really your best bet is to go organic as this way you avoid all the toxins, not just the concerns with GMOs. See to follow my response to this excerpt from the post, “GMOs are used in everything. It really seems impossible to me to omit them.”

I’m glad you were able to find me. You are correct; it is definitely a challenge in today’s world. I hope in my educational efforts I can play a small role in making the transition easier for folks by creating more consumer demand for more GMO free options in southeast Missouri. In the meantime I am happy to help anyone who desires to eliminate as much as possible. The more you can convert your diet to pure foods, the better. Unfortunately, right now it is next to impossible to completely eliminate without a lot of research or a little coaching from someone who’s done the research and self-practiced to know the feasible ways of eliminating. However, that’s no reason to not control what you can. I coach people to do your best, starting with cutting out what you know to be major offenders. #1: Regarding the livestock being fed GM grains…switch to grassfed beef as it will not be contaminated from chemical-laden GM feed. I can refer you to Continue reading It’s ok, really it is…

Cape Girardeau will enter the Live Happy, Be Pure Tour!

I have a very exciting announcement for our area! Through my efforts I have become acquainted with and come to know Organic Guru Lynette Marie of Fuel for the Body very well over the last few months. Our local efforts are now endorsed and supported by the Live Happy, Be Pure movement! Check out this event in Branson (don’t miss the 4 minute video on the home page at the link below) and see if you might be able to make it. I will be in attendance and Lynette and I will soon be planning a similar event for Cape Girardeau to boost local awareness and help get some restaurants on board to serve organic and toxic-free options! Lynette will be advertising for the event once scheduled, but if you’d like a direct notification from me, just comment below and I’ll add you to my mailing list to notify when registration for this event is available. We are Movin’ and Shakin’, CG!!!


I’m so very excited to announce that we are quickly approaching a sell out on our first big event in southeast Missouri about clean living! A few months ago, through my efforts, I was acquainted with one of the producers of a documentary called Unacceptable Levels and really  wanted to see it. So, I thought, “Why not bring it here?” Right?  For info on this film see

Unacceptable Levels screening at Cape Wehrenberg has now met the required threshold of ticket sales to guarantee the screening on April 1 at 6:30 pm. We are now quickly approaching a SELL OUT with only seven remaining seats! What a powerful message it will send to our local restaurants and vendors that we have enough locals interested in clean living and toxic-free options to sell out our first event! [Insert foodie nerd with excited expression here]

I’m so very excited to see the changes in healthy options for our community to unfold in the next few months to a year. I have plans for several events to come. Be sure to sign up if you would like to receive notifications when an event on clean, pure living is scheduled!

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