Cancer Killers Seminar~Saturday, October 11~Cape Girardeau, Missouri

First and foremost, childcare is provided at this event from 9-12 at Cape Bible Chapel at 2911 Kage Rd in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. You owe it to yourself, and your family, to give yourself permission to join us in empowering yourself with life saving knowledge on beating the odds.

Elevation cancer

Millions are diagnosed with this deadly disease each year, but how much do we really know about cancer? Is it just genetic, or can it be prevented? Convention states that early detection is the key, but doesn’t that mean you’re already sick? And aren’t the standard treatments nearly as agonizing, as well as carcinogenic, as the disease itself? Continue reading Cancer Killers Seminar~Saturday, October 11~Cape Girardeau, Missouri

Taking on the Cancer Cronies


Recently a mother who is fighting for her baby boy’s life tagged me on Facebook asking for my opinion on this article. The article infuriated me. There are so many mothers out there like this one, who has been fighting for her baby’s life for over half of his life. He is now 3 years old and was diagnosed at 18 months. He has basically lived in various hospitals across the country for as long as he can remember and is still fighting. It’s the only life he’s known. A life of being confined within the walls of a hospital, away from friends and family, faced with needles, knives and poison.

I cannot imagine being a mother in this position searching for better answers and encountering an article full of malarkey like this…no wonder these mothers are so overwhelmed, confused and end up feeling stuck in the conventional medical model as it’s the  only “sure” thing because they are convinced by mainstream doctors (who are not educated on how to truly combat cancer in medical school) to believe that’s true. So many activists, natural survivors and unconventional doctors are doing their best to put the info out there via the web, but Big Pharm does a very good job of muddying the waters and it is completely unacceptable. Lucky for this one, his mother has been waking up for some time and is asking the right questions. Thousands of others are still in the dark.

I wrote a comment on her interrogatory post, debunking each of the attempts to debunk ‘myths’ by this joke of an article, and wanted to also share those comments here with my blog followers in hopes to make this more clear for many more than just this mother. This is not a comprehensive response, however, I hope I have covered enough of it just to make one question articles like this and do their own further research.

PLEASE if you or a loved one is diagnosed with cancer,  seek the help of a medicine person, holistic practitioner, naturopathic physician, etc. Conventional doctors in mainstream medicine are NOT equipped with the knowledge to help you beat the beast. Personally, if I were diagnosed, I would RUN from the oncologists as fast and far as I could.

First things first….this site is about as reliable as Snopes from past

Continue reading Taking on the Cancer Cronies

Bought: Discount film presale!

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I had a great conversation the other day with a pharmacist who is on his way out of conventional medicine, heading into holistic practice as he is full aware of the issues in the pharmaceutical industry where profits trump health and wellness. He no longer wants to be a pawn in the profit system and wants to help people truly heal vs allowing the pharmaceutical industry to take advantage of and use them for mass profits.

In casual conversation in sharing with one another how and why we elected to exit the conventional medical model, he shared with me that his first question of the model arose during pharmacy school:

While studying conventional cancer treatments, a “cancer specialist” came to speak as a guest instructor and told the class to not worry about trying to learn the dosing for cancer drug protocols because “no one really knows”. Furthermore, the measure of “success” of a drug by their standards is determined by a 50% reduction in tumor size. It doesn’t matter if you’re dead 6 months later, still a successful treatment outcome! Isn’t that reassuring? Does that make you question the system a bit?

Sounds like all those “amazing advances in cancer treatment” aren’t Continue reading Bought: Discount film presale!

A profound healing journey

We are all connected...

Don’t you wish you could just click your heels and manifest your own reality? You can. Your wildest dreams, aspirations and visions of life for yourself are just an awakening away. Read on and you will understand.

I’ve always been a very spiritually grounded person. My mother has referred to me as “spirited” since I was a young child. I’ve always felt I was an “old soul” and was connected to something much bigger than I, but hadn’t been able to put my finger on it until recently. I was raised in a Baptist church, but as I got older I began to move away from “religion” and just work on my own relationship with The Almighty, the Creator Of All That Is, trying to understand just what this world is…it just didn’t make sense to me that the same individuals who preach to not judge are often the first to do so. I couldn’t make sense of all the hypocrisy, not only in the church, but alive and well in the online community of “Christians”. I decided I did not want to define myself as any particular religion. I did not want to limit my relationship with my Creator (I’ve always called Him God, but the worldly name isn’t important) with human ideals and belief systems. I wanted to just exist with the presence of Creator, get to know Creator personally and let Creator share with me all that I am to know.

This journey has been several years in the making and late last year, I felt a strong inclination to just be still and wait for understanding. Creator began to work on me, building a community all around me and a passion for change through me. It was through this community that I was led to Ryan Bloom. Ryan and I had the opportunity to have multiple conversations over his vendor table throughout one weekend at the Live Happy, Be Pure Organic Festival and there was no doubt that a magnificent force had arranged this meeting. You see, Ryan has a deep understanding of his existence here on Earth and I was just an experience away from my own understanding. Although this incredible experience which Ryan introduced me to profoundly impacted my understanding, I still had some loose ends to weave. Now I had complete understanding of how to weave them. I just needed to BE and allow myself the space to grow. I just needed to exist, quit looking for signs and answers and just do what was presented to me though understanding.  I AM connected to something much bigger. YOU are connected to something much bigger. WE are all connected, in a magnificent way. Continue reading A profound healing journey

Organic farmers of Southeast Missouri~Welcome!


It was suggested to me to create a page where our local organic farmers can comment what produce, meats, breads, etc. they have available for sourcing for our local restaurants that wish to join our efforts for local change. In order to beat the beast~Big Ag~we must, across America, support our local farmers that support sustainable agriculture in their practice. We must be their lifeline. We must insure they are able to continue their practice to support their families and pass on the ancient wisdom of sustainability to future generations of farmers. We must make it known that there is not a demand for pesticide and chemical laden foods, and there is not a demand for unsustainable practices like GMO farming. We must vote with our dollars, be cognizant of who and what our dollars are supporting and how that translates to future generations, to the world that we are borrowing from our children and our grandchildren.

Organic farmers* local to southeast Missouri, please comment below what products you have available for our local restaurants that desire to make efforts for change. I will be building a master list from our local meetings, phone communications, and in-person visits and will add those to this page as we make progress in developing our list. It is my goal to have at least one restaurant in our local area offer at least one option before the end of this season.

*Not required to be USDA organic certified, only capable of articulating and/or demonstrating upon a visit to your farm the measures you take to provide clean, sustainable food sources. Recommendations will also be taken from our local network of organic consumers and farmers that are familiar with fellow farmers’ practices. I will be working with my dear friend Organic Guru Lynnette Marie, author of Fuel for the Body and founder of the Pure Integrity Verified Seal and local organic farmers in “approving” the organic status of other local farms, in order to give confidence to our local consumers and restaurants that they are receiving what they seek in quality food.

Sign the petition to bring organic options to Cape Girardeau area dining establishments!!.



Unacceptable Levels

Click on photo above to view trailer or full film.

Unacceptable Levels examines the results of the chemical revolution of the 1940s through the eyes of affable filmmaker Ed Brown, a father seeking to understand the world in which he and his wife are raising their children. To create this debut documentary, one man and his camera traveled extensively to find and interview top minds in the fields of science, advocacy, and law.  Weaving their testimonies into a compelling narrative, Brown presents us with the story of how the chemical revolution brought us to where we are, and of where, if we’re not vigilant, it may take us.

Over 80,000 chemicals flow through our system of commerce, and many are going straight into our bodies. Even our unborn children are affected. Due to this constant exposure, we have approximately 200 synthetic industrial chemicals interacting with our cells every single day. Until recently, modern science really didn’t understand what that could mean for all of us in the long run, but that is changing.

Globally, disease rates are on the rise. Theories about the causes abound, yet the issues are complex and often muddied by the maneuvering of political and corporate interests. To explore different facets of common chemical exposure, Unacceptable Levels, was made in consultation with experts in multiple fields and is guided by a father on a personal journey as he attempts to bring these issues to light for everyone. Its primary goal? To determine whether we can prevent disease before it strikes us.

Unacceptable Levels opens the door to conversations about the chemical burden our bodies carry so that we can make informed decisions now and in the future.  The film poses challenges to our companies, our government, and our society to do something about a nearly-unseen threat with the inspired knowledge that small changes can generate a massive impact.

Summertime Slushie


Summertime is just grand isn’t it? Fresh local produce, sunshine and picnics…I love the sense of freedom that accompanies summertime. You’re going to love this one and the kids will too!

Watermelon Slushie
Serves 2

Small organic seedless watermelon
Organic juice of choice
Ice cubes

Cut the watermelon in half and cube one half. Place cubes in blender, adding just enough juice to blend the watermelon into liquid. Add ice cubes to the consistency of your liking. That’s it!!

Happy Summer Days to you!


Happiness is…


Where is the most serene place you’ve ever been? Go there for a moment and revisit who you were there…what did you feel? Did you find yourself “another person” in that environment?  Can you even put the experience, the sensations or that person into words?  Isn’t it incredible how submerging yourself in nature can have such a profound effect on who you are and how you feel? What would you say if I told you that you can experience that same feeling all the time? What would you say if I told you this can be experienced by connecting yourself to that same nature through nutrition?  You can revisit that serenity in it’s entirety, times ten.  I know it sounds impossible that such a simple thing could produce such peace within and profound awareness of existence within this universe, but I assure you it most definitely does.

This week I have found myself repeatedly in awe of my creator.  How did I go this many years without realizing what an incredible powerhouse was created in us? I never questioned the power of our earthly soul home, but I surely didn’t understand just how powerful and intelligent it was until this week. One week ago I committed to a transformation challenge that a dear friend recommended to me. He couldn’t quite put into words the experience and now I understand why. I accepted the challenge, am so thankful I did, and even more thankful that he shared it with me.  I encourage you to introduce yourself to Ryan Bloom on his site HERE. He’s an inspiration, no doubt. Ryan, you’re amazing! xo

The first day was a bit of a challenge, but I hung on for the ride thinking to myself, “I did commit to 10 days of rejuvenation of the body, mind and spirit and I am ready to take this next step…I think.” By the third day I began to feel the empowerment and to notice things around me that normally just passed me by. I began to really take notice to the creation all around me and feel that desire to simply exist in it and let the busy world just keep moving around me, without disturbing my inner peace.  I am full of vibrant energy, void of hunger and for the first time in forever my body feels free, for lack of better words. I feel so incredibly empowered with no constraints, stresses and worries. I am able to just be. Amazing.

This moment in time has shown me just how addicted to food I am. (Don’t get me wrong, I’m not talking Cheetos and Taco Bell, I’m talking real food.) My entire life I have been conditioned to know that I must have a hand-to-mouth motion, accompanied by chewing and swallowing, several times per day to nourish my body. I have realized how much of a habit it has become to just eat every so often whether my body needs it or not…do you have that habit too?  This experience has helped me to break those associations and rid myself of the habitual thought to eat something because it has forced me to stop and evaluate why I was going to eat. It’s certainly not because my body is craving nourishment. I feel like a mean, lean, clean powerhouse. It’s certainly not because my body needs energy. I have more energy than I’ve had for years. It’s certainly not because I’m hungry…well, maybe, depending on how you define hunger. What is hunger? Is it your body’s signal that it is in need of energy or is it an every-so-many-hours-I-know-it’s-time-to-start-producing-acid-because-something-is-coming-in-here-and-I-know-this-because-it’s-happened-for-years feeling? Yes, at times I’ve “felt” hungry, but I also now know this is merely my stomach’s conditioned clock which is currently resetting. My stomach is re-learning one of it’s designed roles, which is to signal me only when my body is in need of fuel.  In the process I have lost a few inches which I am definitely not missing! I have embraced this cleanse as well as the physical, mental and spiritual transition that it has provided…and I’m ready for the next three days vacation!

If you’re feeling ready to take this step toward reclaiming your health and yourself, fill out the contact me form and I’ll be happy to share with you all about my journey and how you can get a jump start on yours!

~XO Rachel

UPDATE 1: Just completed day ten and ready for another ten! I am just absolutely blown away by how amazing I feel. I feel like a kid…you know how we always say, “Don’t you wish you still had that energy?” Well, now I do again and I know from only ten days of Purium that it will always be a part of my diet!! It just feels too good to feel so good and I’m not going back to the old me…young me straight ahead. I am awaiting my products to arrive and so excited to see what Round Two brings to the table 🙂 Stay tuned for more!


This initial journey has led into an incredible life transformation for me, which has led into a healing journey for my youngest daughter who has an extremely rare genetic arrangement. You can read this story HERE.

Overwhelmed with Probiotics choices?

Everyone seems to be talking about probiotics these days, but do you find yourself…
  • Wondering what they are and why you need them?
  • Wondering when you should take them and what form is best (empty stomach or full, capsule, powder, liquid…)?
  • Confused by all the probiotic products on the market today?
  • Wondering about bacteria counts and if you really “get what you pay for” with probiotics?
  • Concerned about genetically modified or cheaply mass produced strains cultured in questionable media?
  • Wishing you could get answers to these questions and more by talking with a world expert in probiotics?


This event has already taken place, but you can access the recorded call here.
On April 9th, Lacey Swartz, Miessence Representative, will be interviewing Czerral, a pioneer in superfoods and probiotics, and creator and formulator of certified organic prebiotic probiotic fermented superfoods (COPPFS). With 35 years of leadership in the health food industry, Czerral offers a vast wealth of knowledge and insight to everyone joining our call. Get the knowledge you need to evaluate your probiotic options in general and also learn about the advantages of certified organic prebiotic probiotic fermented superfoods, such as InLiven and Fast Tract (which have made huge differences in my health).
“Back by popular demand and having been so greatly received before, I am delighted to be hosting another one of these teleseminars.  I greatly appreciate Czerral’s real-food-only perspectives, his knowledge, insight, experience, and most of all, his genuine desire to truly help people through his work.”
Join us on Wednesday afternoon, April 9th, at 2:00 PM US Eastern time for this live educational interview. There will be time for Q&A as well.
I was made aware of this opportunity by Jim Kueny of Miessence organics. Jim and I met at the Live Happy, Be Pure Organic Festival in Branson, Missouri last weekend and I am thrilled to be able to bring this information to you! Thank you for sharing, Jim.

Study reveals American mothers’ breast milk is contaminated with Round Up herbicide…now what?

Study reveals glyphosate in breast milk, urine and tap water in America.
Study reveals glyphosate in breast milk, urine and tap water in America.

Breast is still best, but it’s time for change, big change. Period. Exclamation point.

We have been on this journey for some time now (March 2011), but in November 2013 decided to become a full-fledged hardcore foodie family and begin cutting out all toxins, including soaps, shampoos, cleaning products, detergents, personal care products, etc. and purifying our tap water. The grey area is just too vast to not take the plunge and play it safe. We have also boycotted purchasing anything from any company associated in any way with supporting GMOs, not only due to the health risks of the high levels of chemicals in them and unknown results of the genetic modification, but also to vote with our dollars. I refuse to support even companies that offer GMO and organic solutions but contribute funds against labeling and other solutions that would allow mothers to be more in control of what they put on the table. Therefore, we no longer buy Kellogg’s products, even though they have some product lines such as Kashi available that are supposedly toxin-free. If the company is not ethical and does not have an obvious true grounding in the real food industry, they don’t get our dollars. I don’t trust them, or their labels. Period.

In the last month or so, in my volunteer efforts to educate others on the presence of GMOs and contaminants in our food supply, I have been migrating away from speaking of labeling and moving toward knowing your farmer and choosing organic…these study results most definitely confirm that my new stance was right. You must know the source and ask their practices. Visit the farm and feel out their knowledge of and passion for real food, or lack thereof. Grow your own if you’re able. Labeling is not going to stop the contamination of non-GM crops. Labeling is not going to educate those unaware. Labeling is not going to stop the monopolization and overtaking of our food supply for profit. Labeling is not going to stop the contamination of our ground water. Labeling is not going to stop the killing of the bees and butterflies. Labeling is not going to stop the corporate power in government offices established to protect our health and rights. Labeling is not going to halt the rapid descent toward desecration of our entire existence through complete disruption of our ecosystems and sustainability of Mother Earth. Did I make my point yet?

Early in the year, I decided to have my 4 year old’s urine and our tap water tested for glyphosate (active ingredient in Round Up) to contribute additional data for this study being piloted through Moms Across America in order to hopefully throw a red flag to those with closed ears. I also wanted to know just how effective we had been in our journey to true health, free of toxins. Although we’ve put in great effort, our results and this study make it apparent that the need for this awareness movement is even greater than I had already known. Most of the mothers who participated in this study were also going to great lengths to avoid GMOs and chemical laden foods, yet still discovered that their babies were collateral damage in a monstrous profit scheme.  This speaks volumes…either our “clean” food is contaminated or the chemicals remain in our systems for a very long time…or both. Please take a moment to review the study at the end of the article and share the alarming results at every opportunity.

Remember the above statement referencing corporate powers in our protective agencies? It is up to us. We must, by word of mouth, spread this news in a grassroots movement and vote with our dollars. We must educate ourselves and others on the importance of local organics and avoiding big corporate grocers such as Walmart and Kroger who could care less about our health and are profiting on our demise without the bat of an eye. America has been fighting for labeling for years and our representatives not only are refusing to represent our wishes as we elected them to do, but are actively fighting against those wishes. We are currently facing the possibility of the passing of Federal laws which will prevent the states from making their own decision on GMOs to protect their respective constituents. Voting with our dollars and rendering the current prevalent agricultural mess an unsuccessful business model is the only answer. Along with that comes the absolute necessity to support our small scale local organic farmers. If we fail to do so, we may not have an option to purchase from them in the future and we are doomed, plain and simple. Please take a stance for our right to clean food.

If you would like to have your family’s urine and/or your tap water tested, the testing is still available through Moms Across America at this link.

View official press release here

Download full report on findings here

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