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I started Holistically Heal Mission as just that, a mission for the people and for the people’s health.  We have joined forces with Lynette Marie of Fuel for the Body on a mission to bring a movement of real health to southeast Missouri and beyond…God willing, may the reach go far and touch communities across the nation! Thank you, Lynette, for your unsurpassable knowledge and dedication to this nationwide movement. I’m honored to be able to join you on your journey to change the outlook on health in communities across the country!

Be on the lookout for the following seal on food and personal care products as the efforts of the Pure Integrity Verified Seal™ team continue to clean up our planet and our plates!!

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Holistically Heal Mission is a private mission. All minimum donations are private. We do not contract with any government agency as we are private and not for profit.

4 thoughts on “About Holistically Heal”

  1. Rachel, saw you on the news, found your website….everything I read about GMO’s makes perfect sense, but the problem remains: all our grain is now GMO, that in turn is fed to us, or livestock-which messes with them…..even living in a rural community, GMOs are used in everything. It really seems impossible to me to omit them. Then you have all the contaminants thru plastics, etc in the enviroment, products used in your home. I think I find it discouraging trying to put together a decent meal or lunches for work. IMHO…..Jane Schuessler

  2. Jane, I’m glad you were able to find me. You are correct; it is definitely a challenge in today’s world. I hope in my educational efforts I can play a small role in making the transition easier for folks by creating more consumer demand for more GMO free options in southeast Missouri. In the meantime I am happy to help anyone who desires to eliminate as much as possible. The more you can convert your diet to pure foods, the better. Unfortunately, right now it is next to impossible to completely eliminate without a lot of research or a little coaching from someone who’s done the research and self-practiced to know the feasible ways of eliminating. However, that’s no reason to not control what you can. I coach people to do your best, starting with cutting out what you know to be major offenders. #1: Regarding the livestock being fed GM grains…switch to grassfed beef as it will not be contaminated from pesticide laden GM feed. I can refer you to local options for grassfed beef until I build the site up with that information available. If you’re like most American families, just that one change will do wonders. Buy chickens locally, or in a pinch get organic. Sometimes I make exceptions…for example, there’s not a lot of options for chicken locally that has been fed organic feed. But, since I eliminate everything else that I can, I feel local chicken from farmers with good practice is still MUCH better than the alternative (store bought yucko chicken) if and when we just HAVE to have chicken. In other words, choose your battles. We do have a local farmer really pushing our local coop to carry GM free grain so it is available to our local farmers in a quantity which allows reasonable pricing to the end user. When it comes down to what you can afford and can’t, just don’t eat it. (LOL) Seriously, if you can’t afford organic chicken, just only eat it on occasion so it doesn’t put a huge dent in your budget…it can become a delicacy for your family. Try to gradually start converting over to meat as a side versus the main course…veggies, veggies, veggies. #2: Eat organic for everything you possibly can, especially items containing GM crops such as corn, soy and canola. Organic, by theory, is always GM free because in order to become certified organic the company cannot knowingly use GM sources. It’s not a 100% guarantee as the organic label is certifying a process which encompasses taking all measures necessary to avoid contamination of products by GMs, but there can be a small amount of contamination as long as measures are being taken to rectify. I haven’t yet researched a lot on the plastics so cannot speak to that, however, in what I do know I would say when you can use glass instead. #3. Drink raw milk from a local farm. Store milk is just nasty…go to you tube and search, “Your Milk on Drugs.” #4. Make your own where you can. You can make your own yogurt easily by just culturing milk and letting it sit overnight at the right temp. Really takes no time at all, and then you’ve eliminated that source of funk. I can help with a lot of this. Many snacky things you can make yourself and stash so you have the supply for weeks or months. One of the biggest helpers for me is over-cooking. For example, if you are grilling hamburgers and potato wedges for dinner, make twice as much. It really takes no more effort to have 10 patties on the grill versus 5 and you can put the second pan of potatoes in the oven to cook while you’re eating. Then, when you clean up after dinner, pack up the patties and potato wedges using a Seal-A-Meal type vacuum sealer. If you do this regularly you end up with a deep freeze full of frozen precooked main courses and sides which only require defrost and heating, yet don’t have all the scary things that you get from the store frozen meals. Busy night? Hit the deep freeze and pick and choose main courses and sides to make a meal that sounds appeasing 🙂 Doing it this way eliminates the need to find time for a devoted “prep day” which my family doesn’t have time for, as many American families. #5. Take advantage of the bulk bins at the local health food store. We have several stackable containers in the pantry which we fill with mixed nuts, dehydrated fruits, etc. You can also get things like oats for cheap and make your own oatmeal versus the packets. OVERALL: Every measure you can take to eliminate the processed and prepackaged foods will do wonders. Let’s say Sunday you make crackers, Tuesday popcorn, Sunday (healthy) cookies. Make them in large quantity and then you’ll have that snack in the pantry/freezer for a few weeks and as long as you continue to take 1-3 days per week to make a simple snack you’ll always have an ongoing supply. We use these activities as fun family time. The kids love it 🙂 I could share so much more but don’t want to overwhelm you. I almost forgot-don’t forget to check out the Sensible Solutions section on this site. The food factor (all GM free) has been a tremendous help to us as well and I can help you get those products free to use for your family. Please feel free to call me anytime! God Bless and thanks for visiting my site!

    1. Rachel, thank you for your detailed & helpful reply….so, I have 2 more questions…does it really help to do “some” organic if you can’t totally get there?  and almond flour…..was ready to start compiling recipes to “convert”, then I read online almond flour isn’t just too good for you, different responses of the body’s chemistry/metabolism.  I’m really puzzled…so I think I’ll stick to my flour…get organic & go Red Barn. Jane  

      1. You are so welcome! I hope you do find it helpful. It most definitely does help to do “some” organic. All organic is optimal, but it all adds up if you can’t totally convert. When you consume non-organic, two things are happening: #1 You are literally polluting yourself with chemicals. Our bodies are not designed to handle a continuous influx of chemicals multiple times daily. When you are continuously exposed to toxins it tends to keep your immune system distracted, in a sense. So, when (notice I say, when, not if because we ALL get cancer cells) cancer cells start to form, your immune system will either recognize them and devour them OR it will not notice them and they will grow out of control leading to “the cancer”.Knowing that does it make sense that you wouldn’t want your immune system constantly busied and distracted with chemicals and know carcinogens? This is one reason organic is so important. #2 You are ingesting virtually nutrient-void foods, empty calories. Many non-organic foods are treated with this-or-that to make it appear to be fresh, when in fact it’s often far from it. Furthermore, when foods are rushed to grow and grown in a manner other than God designed, they just simply aren’t the nourishing foods that we are led to believe they are. Everyday your cells are regenerating and replacing themselves with new, in time to completely regenerate the entire organ if that makes sense. So, if your body is starved of vital nutrients regularly doesn’t it make sense that the regenerated cells may not be up to par? Just as a mother must nourish herself in pregnancy to make sure baby has everything he needs to develop (replicate) properly, we need that nourishment to make sure our replicating cells have the necessary components to make a new healthy cell during regeneration. This may very well be highly correlated to the increasing disease processes we see in America with aging. These chronic diseases are not seen in populations around the world that rely on whole foods and organic foods versus the highly processed and chemically-treated pretend food we have in our supermarkets. So, here is my take on organic. Yes, the price tag appears more…especially in processed items like granola bars and cereal, chips, etc. But, you pay for it now in small amounts or you pay for it later in large continuous medical bills, prescriptions, and even life. There is a reason non-organic is cheaper…the costs of producing food that truly is nourishing isn’t there, thus passing the “savings” on to you. I would also like to add that this is coming from someone who lives on a serious budget. With a family of 5 and a disabled child we don’t just have money floating around to blow on fancy organic food, which is why I’ve learned to eat organic on a budget. For example, instead of paying $2.50 for a can of organic kidney beans, you can buy a whole bag of dry organic beans for $3 then let them soak overnight in water. Then, take a measuring cup and put about a cup in baggies to seal and freeze, Now, you have several “cans” of beans for way cheaper than non organic cans of beans. This really doesn’t take much time but saves a ton of money. In conclusion, the more you can do organic the better because you are minimizing toxins AND maximizing nutrition, supporting your body to perform the way God designed…to self heal.. If it’s not a matter of money, but of availability I can help with that too. Can you contact me privately? My number and email is on this same page. I’d like to find out your location and visit with you on the phone to see if there’s any obstacles I can help you with if you’d like to eat more organic. I also would like to know why you were considering converting to almond flour. I’m really not that educated on almond flour in particular but surely will look into it as I have time and let you know what I find out!

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