Why This Non-GMO Activist Doesn’t Support the Non-GMO Label

Have you ever noticed that Monsanto doesn’t fight the Non-GMO Project™? You’re about to understand why. If you really are passionate about this cause you will hear me…and you will make necessary changes. We simply cannot just blindly follow the masses. We must be aware, smart, and then continuously strive to be more aware and smarter…

Photo Credit to “NON-GMO Project (Truth Feed)” on Facebook

The following opinions reflect only the personal assessment of an activist and are by no means an official statement on the part of or about the Non-GMO Project or any other entity. Readers may follow the links and each complete their own personal assessment.

I know many activists have spearheaded a lot of educational efforts on the issues surrounding GMOs. I respect you for that; please continue to do so, but with your eyes wide open and with an effort to keep the eyes open of those you educate. It is critical that we educate the masses. But, I will also say that, technically speaking, I don’t know that we even have an end goal and certainly haven’t attained it because we’re constantly switching up the goal: labeling, banning, labeling, calling crony legislators who could give two manure piles about what the people want. Do you get it? Labels aren’t going to stop the poisoning of our children. We have to educate, educate, educate. We have to critically think about what we are educating on. We have to continuously examine all aspects of this fight and adjust our sites as needed. Time spent in politics is currently an obvious waste of time. I say “currently” because I’d like to see our government turn around at some point, but we can’t hold our breath on that relative to GMOs because they’re simply moving much faster than we are in legislature. That is illustrated quite clearly in a recent blog (1) by one of the most widely known organizations about going to DC to oppose the DARK Act. The following excerpt is from the aforementioned blog:

Groups of activists walked to the front of the line and challenged the fairness of being denied entrance…blocking the inclusion of dedicated Americans who wanted with every fiber of their being to just be in the room.”

They are purposely blocking us left and right and we have continued to encourage others to waste time with that when we have no time to waste. I don’t understand why we keep fighting a losing battle. FORGET the legislators for now. They are bought. FORGET labeling. It’s not going to happen with legislators that are bought, and too many are. It’s time to focus on REMOVING the cause of all these problems, WITHOUT the help of the federal level legislators. WE ARE POWER. They have false power only, and it’s time to remind them whose country this is and who this government is supposed to represent through bypassing their system. The bottom line is this~they can make or refuse to make whatever laws they want, but we are the final decision makers as the end consumer. To clarify, I do see more hope in local county bans and such, but don’t see much hope on the big scene where Big Ag can more easily interfere.

We must educate others to make informed choices and put Big Ag out of business. We must educate others to grow their own organics and shop local and why this is so critical. Food is our only true and effective protest. (2) We must thoroughly investigate things in place, such as the Non-GMO Project™, so we don’t misguide others in finding food companies that truly have earned our dollars. We don’t need any more glyphosate tests. The sh** is in everything. There is already plenty of evidence. It has been ignored and ignored and ignored. I honestly don’t know what it’s going to take to get legislators to address this, which is why I feel it’s wasting more time and money that could be used to support farmers that want out but don’t know how to get out because of financial reasons. Think of all the millions that have been spent by various organizations fighting this battle with Washington…if we had used that money to support farmers ready and willing to quit farming GMOs, we would be in a completely different boat than we are now. We already know glyphosate is in all of our food, water, air, bodies, etc. So, how do we get it off the scene at a grassroots level? That should be our focus. Think, and think hard on that. Brainstorm with others. Let’s GET SOME RESULTS, then let’s talk about what we’ve accomplished. Up to this point, all the results we have gotten are a result of EDUCATION…let’s turn up the flame. As we continue to play cat and mouse with Washington, more and more GMO crops are planted, more and more GMO crops contaminate non GMO crops, and more and more soil, land and water is desecrated by the chemicals which translates to a struggle for our organic farmers. We will see this even more so in the future if we don’t find a way to halt it.

If you’re going to fight about anything with legislation, try getting them to promote and subsidize organic to at least level the playing field, if not also completely remove subsidization of GMOs. FORGET THE LABELS. The label bills that have passed don’t even include meat products! That is not going to kill the beast! One of the biggest support models of the GMO industry is the animal feed! In Europe (Spain) MON 810 is primarily used as cattle feed. (3) Although GMOs are labeled in Europe, all of the milk, eggs and meat can still go unlabeled. That’s what they are facing in Europe…is this what we are going for? (4) You really think just getting processed and packaged foods labeled as GMO is going to do much? If so, you have tunnel vision. Labeling means accepting co-existence of GMOs with organics, which we already know is not possible. Labeling is going to allow the poisoning to continue to our land, air and water, and the cross contamination will continue, thus, our food supply will continue to suffer.

I have a close friend who is an activist in Europe. Many in the activist world that have encountered him think he’s a little too straight forward and comes off like a mule. I have to agree. He can come off as a mule…but, knowing him and his committed-at-all-costs-no-BS approach to this cause I understand why he doesn’t dolly around and try to play all sweet and nice at this point in the game. He plays by his own rulebook, not by the rulebook of slaves, which says I can behave this way, but you slaves have to behave that way. To him, many Americans are walking around like sheep running in circles while the tentacles of BigAg continue to grow longer and infiltrate farther, farther and in more realms than one could ever imagine. He has even been called a troll multiple times for trying to share what I share here about the labeling issues. Please wake up, my fellow activists! Yes, even “resistance” has been infiltrated by BigAg. There are sell outs all over the playing field. My friend is seeking out those that are fully awake, that have a true fighter spirit and ready to fight this battle here on US soil with open eyes and a burning passion. You see, we are the front lines of battle, guys. His country, and his continent, are in much better shape than we are. He’s trying to prevent our bull [manure], [kitty]-footed and blind approaches from infiltrating the rest of the world that IS fighting successfully. The majority of America’s lawmakers stink and majority rules. We have to change gears OR WE WILL LOSE.

Do you like organic food? Is that what you prefer to feed your children? Me too. But, if we continue to promote the Non-GMO Project™ as a health label we are in big trouble and will lose for sure. The Non-GMO Label actually threatens our organics. (5) You have to quit promoting and supporting it if you care about organics and are truly committed to this movement. I’m sure at this point some are thinking, “But without Non-GMO Project™, how will we know what’s GMO free?” For one, Non-GMO Project™ is not synonymous with GMO free, unlike what Scott Faber would like you to think. (6) For two, easy. Our food is already labeled with ingredients. You just don’t buy anything that has a GMO product in it that isn’t organic, such as corn, maize, soy, canola, cottonseed oil (in my opinion cotton in clothes too, unless organic cotton, just to withdraw support), papaya, squash, sugar beets, etc.  Also, if a product is organic, there’s no need for the Non-GMO label. If it’s not organic, the Non-GMO label means nothing regarding health and most activists wouldn’t buy it anyway so what’s the point? Furthermore, Non-GMO Project™ has become such a huge business enterprise that those involved certainly aren’t going to support mandatory labeling because it would make that multi-billion dollar business obsolete. Non GMO Project™ should be boycotted by all clean food supporters unless they change their standards to only certify completely GMO free food products, but that’s not likely to happen because they advocate that GMO free is impossible. That’s only a mindset…and is that truth or does it just support the need for their business model? And, how can they promote themselves and be promoted as GMO free when they’ve already stated that they don’t think GMO free is possible?

My opinion? What’s the point of the Non-GMO “Project” if we are still supporting companies that use GMOs or have an excuse for using GMOs? NO. I don’t support any use of GMOs and won’t give a company my ongoing financial support unless they are 100% clean, which definitely means zero GMOs. When you read about the Non-GMO Project™, it sounds like it’s all about encouraging companies to eliminate GMOs…that’s actually great, but why then are companies allowed to carry the label when they are in transition and still have GMOs in their products? That is pure deception to the consumer. I don’t do deception; I do transparency, which Non-GMO Project is surely lacking. If you really want others to see and trust your commitment to a clean planet and ridding our nation of GMOs, post publicly about what the Non-GMO Project™ really means and why it is not a friend of organic supporters and why people should drop it. We have to pressure those companies that aren’t making the cut of GMO free to make that cut, not just skip around clapping while buying their GMO laden products! Did you know that in the standards on their site (updated May 2014) that they allow quite generous extra variances beyond the “up to” 0.9% GMO products for for the first three years after “verification”? (7) Don’t “buy” it? Have a look at the standards yourself. The details on page 28 should make you feel quite deceived and likely quite angry:

“By ensuring that test results for all batches of high-risk input used during each 6 month period average at or below the relevant Action Threshold, with no single batch of input ever exceeding the relevant Action Threshold by more than a factor of 2. In this case, all test results are submitted to the technical administrator for review at least annually, and the Participant is responsible for ongoing monitoring of test results to ensure compliance for each period. A Participant may not use this option for a period in excess of three years from initial verification.”

To help you understand further, let’s look at some statistics:

Non GMO Stats
Click to enlarge. Numbers in chart are only examples of typical statistical analysis performed in the food industry. This is not an official batch analysis from the Non-GMO Project.

In the big picture, do you know what that means? Let’s look at only animal feed for a minute. Surely that doesn’t make much of a difference if livestock is only given “up to” 0.9% GMOs in “Non-GMO Project™ Verified” animal feed right? But, now you know what that 0.9% actually means, right? Meats certified Non-GMO have been fed up to x% GMOs! So, maybe if you eat a chicken that ate grains that had x% GMOs, that might not make that much of a difference in your body, I don’t know…I guess it depends on the batch of feed your meat received. But, the big picture is this: think of all the mass production of these meats and all the mass amounts of people looking for GMO free foods, being tricked into buying these “certified” products, thinking they are working against the beast and buying clean food. Think about how much x% GMO animal feed adds up on all these farms. Think about how much that accumulation continues to support the growth of GMO crops!

This is the opposite from the direction we want to go, guys. WE CANNOT SUPPORT THEM AT ALL if we want to beat this. As far as I’m concerned, Non-GMO Project™ label is sh**,as well as any organizations promoting it, unless the standards allow for zero GMOs. The Non-GMO Project™ is now becoming “known” as a health label. It is far from that. It’s also becoming “known” and promoted by many as GMO free. It does NOT mean that. So many toxic, unsustainable companies are carrying that label now…you know what that does? It encourages people to continue to support those nasty companies that terrorize our earth and our children’s health with all their toxic chemicals and ingredients, while thinking they are making a healthy purchase that will sustain our environment. (8) Again, wrong. Do you want to promote that? Please join me in changing your efforts to stop promoting companies that support the growth of GMO crops. In order to save our planet, and thus our food, please help me combat the mixed message so many “activist” organizations are sending to the masses.  I think any leader in resistance who promotes companies that support the continued toxification of our planet and food supply, promotes and supports companies that accept the use of GMOs and sneakily passing them off on unsuspecting consumers, etc doesn’t need to be leading any movements because I’m in this for a WIN, not a LOSS. I’m tired of the compromises on GMOs. I’m not loyal to people, I’m loyal to the cause. Teachers don’t select students, students select teachers. Same with leadership, except in cults and other abusive organizations. In other words, choose your leaders carefully.

Scott Faber (Environmental Working Group/Just Label It) even sold out by stating that the Non-GMO Project means GMO free in the video of his testimony at the DARK Act, whilst also defending BigAg stating he’s sure that Biotech hasn’t been lying to us all this time and that there are benefits to GMOs.

And he is supposed to be who’s leading a major movement against GMOs? Please. One of our biggest “supporters” for the anti-GMO movement is actually pro GMO, pro co-existence, “supports labeling”, claims no one is looking for a ban and says that the Non-GMO Project is GMO free: (9)

1980 You will also hear–and also have heard, and will hear
1981 again, that we need GMO crops to feed the world. First, let
1982 me say, no one, no one is seeking a ban on GMO crops…

2854 Mr. {Faber.} Thank you for the question. We do not
2855 oppose genetic engineering, genetically-modified food
2856 ingredients. We think there are actually many promising
2857 applications of genetically-modified food ingredients. Dr.
2858 Van Eenennaam mentioned several of them. This isn’t a
2859 question about the technology, this is a question of whether
2860 or not to require labeling; it is really a question of
2861 transparency, should people have this information to make
2862 their own choices for their own families. I am an optimist.
2863 I am optimistic that the promises that were made by the
2864 providers of this technology will ultimately be realized that
2865 will have traits that are–produce more nutritious food, that
2866 will see significant yield increases.  We haven’t–all of
2867 those promises haven’t yet been realized, but that is not
2868 what is at stake here in this question of whether or not to
2869 preempt Act 120, or whether or not to craft a national
2870 disclosure system. The real issue is should people have the
2871 right to decide for themselves, and does FDA have the
2872 authority now, I believe they do, to work with us to craft
2873 some kind of informative, fact-based, nonjudgmental
2874 disclosure on the back of the package.

3152 Mr. {Faber.} Well, today, only about 3 percent of SKUs
3153 are certified as GMO-free by the non-GMO project, and so…

Yes, good idea, Mr. Faber. Let’s not get too “judgmental” because we all know how beneficial and promising GMOs are. NO. There’s your first clue to run the other direction. I don’t know about you, but I know many, many activists that would love nothing more than to see a ban on GMOs. And, we all know that the Non-GMO Project does not mean GMO free. Mr. Faber certainly doesn’t represent my interests with the corporate propaganda scattered throughout his message.

I hope you keep fighting and that you do so with integrity and remove any mixed messages that you may have been educating on. THAT is how you win this battle. You CANNOT educate others and educate them to educate others to buy Non-GMO Project™ food labels and be fighting GMOs…they cannot co exist as the standards currently stand. I don’t know about you, but I question whether any organization that supports the use of GMOs is on our side because they’re not implementing what we want to see (zero GMOs) and we already know Monsanto supports them. (10) I don’t know about you, but I’d prefer a seal such as The Pure Integrity Verified™ Seal (11) any day over Non-GMO Project™ or USDA Organic.

I hope you now realize that statements like “not harmful to population” are merely statistical expressions. But for an individual, that expression is different. Statistically, when you divide kWh by disaster, nuclear energy would be most safe. Well, you know what happened to Japan and Fukushima, right?  It’s RELIGION…NOT SCIENCE. The science is in the math, the religion is in the communications. THAT IS SCIENCE!

Big Ag is laughing at us. Please don’t be a sheeple-name-calling-sheeple. It’s not a fad. So…now the ball is in your court…what are you going to do with it?

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