GMO Candy Flyer for Trick or Treaters~Spread awareness in your neighborhood!

GMO Halloween

Have you ever thought about the local impact you could make by educating on Halloween through hand-outs to trick-or-treaters?

Click on the photo above to access and print off the full half page flyer. Please share this post with your friends, family and neighbors and ask them to share, print and hand out to trick-or-treaters to encourage locals to begin their journey towards clean food! Click on the facebook icon below to share this on your newsfeed and with all your contacts that care about sustainable living, clean food, clean air and clean water!!

Although the Non-GMO Project and Non-GMO label can be a starting point for some in starting to gather information on clean eating and begin to weed out the toxins their family is consuming all day everyday through GMOs, please be aware that “Non-GMO” does not mean “GMO-FREE”, just like non-toxic does not mean toxin-free. It is better than not observing at all, but still allows for a small percentage of GMOs.Do not take this information as discouragement and a reason to not try. There are many companies with much integrity that have received the non-GMO label and are, in fact, GMO free, but I want to make sure you understand if you are trying to live toxin free you must still know your company as there are many trying to take advantage of the marketing advantage of the “Non-GMO Project Verifed” seal. In summary, for those you are educating and/or those recently educated, it is a step in the right direction, but for the sake of integrity, I wanted to clearly state this fact. For more information on the Non-GMO Project and what it really means, visit this group on facebook.

You must also know that just because something is GMO free does not mean that it is healthy, nor toxin-free. The toxins GMOs were designed to withstand are actually the biggest problem with the GMOs. Since GMO crops were designed to withstand toxic pesticides created by the chemical companies (who also created Agent Orange and claimed it harmless) who are now growing our food, they then absorb the chemicals into the plant after multiple applications, which means they are in the food, not on the food and unable to be washed off. Many food products that are free of GMOs are still full of toxic chemicals and pesticides, so eating organic as much as possible is really the only way to live healthy and pure. If you feel you cannot afford to eat only organic, avoid processed and packaged foods, moving more toward whole foods from the earth as that is the end goal anyhow. The most expensive organic foods are the processed and packaged foods. You can actually eat quite well organically on a budget by sticking to the whole foods like vegetables, meat and spices. I use Wildtree, which is all GMO free and organic, to make it easy for my family to have tasteful foods without sacrificing convenience or health.

The Pure Integrity Verified Seal is the only way to know without a doubt you have 100% clean food with a 100% integritous company. My dear friend, Lynnette “Organic Guru” Marie launched this seal in April and many companies are coming on board with having a way to demonstrate their pure integrity practices to the world. For more on the Organic Guru and her mission, visit Fuel for the Body on the web and on facebook!

Happy Halloween to all my followers and theirs!!


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