Taking on the Cancer Cronies


Recently a mother who is fighting for her baby boy’s life tagged me on Facebook asking for my opinion on this article. The article infuriated me. There are so many mothers out there like this one, who has been fighting for her baby’s life for over half of his life. He is now 3 years old and was diagnosed at 18 months. He has basically lived in various hospitals across the country for as long as he can remember and is still fighting. It’s the only life he’s known. A life of being confined within the walls of a hospital, away from friends and family, faced with needles, knives and poison.

I cannot imagine being a mother in this position searching for better answers and encountering an article full of malarkey like this…no wonder these mothers are so overwhelmed, confused and end up feeling stuck in the conventional medical model as it’s the  only “sure” thing because they are convinced by mainstream doctors (who are not educated on how to truly combat cancer in medical school) to believe that’s true. So many activists, natural survivors and unconventional doctors are doing their best to put the info out there via the web, but Big Pharm does a very good job of muddying the waters and it is completely unacceptable. Lucky for this one, his mother has been waking up for some time and is asking the right questions. Thousands of others are still in the dark.

I wrote a comment on her interrogatory post, debunking each of the attempts to debunk ‘myths’ by this joke of an article, and wanted to also share those comments here with my blog followers in hopes to make this more clear for many more than just this mother. This is not a comprehensive response, however, I hope I have covered enough of it just to make one question articles like this and do their own further research.

PLEASE if you or a loved one is diagnosed with cancer,  seek the help of a medicine person, holistic practitioner, naturopathic physician, etc. Conventional doctors in mainstream medicine are NOT equipped with the knowledge to help you beat the beast. Personally, if I were diagnosed, I would RUN from the oncologists as fast and far as I could.

First things first….this site is about as reliable as Snopes from past

articles I’ve read on there. Unfortunately, many are fooled thinking sites like this and Snopes are actually reliable. You will need to review the article linked in the beginning of this post so that these responses make more sense. Please also click each link in the responses below, as they all lead to great further resources of research.

‘Myth’ 1: Cancer is a man-made modern disease. I quote from the article, “It’s perfectly normal for DNA damage in our cells to build up as we age, and such damage can lead to cancer developing.” Um, no totally NOT normal. It happens as a result of environmental hazards. In societies in lands far far away people live robust lives until 90-100s, still full of life and energy. There’s no concept of retirement as it’s not necessary because they retain their youthful feeling. BUT, they also eat real food from the land, don’t slather themselves with toxic sunscreens, lotions, soaps and bugspray and drink and eat chemically treated water AND food or take pharmaceutical drugs. The DNA damage occurs as a result of all these things and when we starve ourselves with false nutrition and food-like substances our bodies don’t have what they need to repair/prevent this from occurring. And, yes, cancer is as old as time but has also been treated naturally since the time of the pharohs…they forgot to mention that in talking about Egyptians didn’t they? There’s your first clue…the one-sided view. Interestingly enough, since all these “wonderful” advances in medicine, it still continues to rise astronomically and somehow has been rising ever since all these advances in technology (i.e.profit generators which actually are carcinogenic themselves….hmmm) came about. And, don’t be deceived by the wording out there floating around, which I address in Myth 9. Here is an example of one of those ancient 3,000 year old solutions…the video at the end of this post explains very well how these “silly” herbs and such work synergistically with the immune system.

‘Myth’ 2: Superfoods prevent cancer. Some of this is true. “Superfood” has definitely become a marketing term. Why? Because people have began to wake up and realize that you are what you eat and they WANT to be healthy. Shameful companies are profiting off of ignorance because federal guidelines allow it. Yes, there are in fact superfoods…it’s God’s food. It’s REAL food, from the earth. If it’s directly from an organic farm, great. If it’s from a commercial farm, bad. If it’s from a factory, even worse. Unless from an organic farm, it is a food-like substance void of nutrition and full of chemicals. So, no don’t buy something just because it is labeled as a superfood because the superfood factor 99% of the time has been destroyed in the process of processing and packaging…it’s deceptive marketing at its best. I’m going to refer to Chris Wark’s site because he has spent the last decade since healing himself with a “superfoods” diet researching and finding others who have done the same. I had the opportunity of hearing his unbelievable testimony and spending a weekend getting to know him and know his research is very sound.

‘Myth’ 3: Acidic diets cause cancer. Cancer cannot survive in an alkaline environment. But, stating that neither can other cells is absolutely false. Perhaps they are using wording and the exaggeration factor here as I noticed they stated “overly alkaline”. That may be true but no one is suggesting going off-the-ph-scale-alkaline, just getting out of the acidic state as in that environment cancer typically thrives. THOUSANDS have watched their tumors and metastatic cancers disappear as they altered the ph of their bodies with food and drink. Fact. I also noticed this statement: “Researchers are working hard to understand how this happens, in order to develop more effective cancer TREATMENTS” Another clue…”they” are never really searching for a cure, but just more profitable treatments. What’s so wrong with getting out of an acidic state and being healthy and curing the cancer without spending thousands of dollars? An acidic body also allows things like fibromyalgia to present, and is also reversed with getting your body in an alkaline state  Ask any naturopath, medicine man, holistic practioner or naturopathic physician (MD specialized in natural medicine). Dare ya. Of course the conventional docs have no clue about this as they are not educated on this. You can get pH strips and pHresh greens from this site and monitor changes as the pH changes in your body. The book Killing Cancer, Not People (By Bob Wright, Director of the American Anti-Cancer Institute) addresses this in Chapter 4: “I’ve never known of a cancer patient that was too alkaline. Typically those with cancer have pH readings in the 4s and 5s (very acidic). Low blood oxygen levels are also characteristic of those with this ‘disease’. Remember that cancer hates and cannot live in an alkaline environment. It also fears and expires when confronted with oxygen. Doesn’t it make sense then, that to reverse cancer, we must oxygenate and alkalize our bodies? You would think that this would be the quintessential “no-brainer.” Sadly, our doctors pay no attention to this fact-and neither do we. Dr. Gary Tunsky wrote a book entitled “The Battle for Health is Over pH: ‘This acid fermentation process is what we label as cancer. It’s my conclusion, based on years of research and study, that cancer is nothing more than an electrical disturbance at the sub-atomic and DNA level caused by oxygen deprivation, dehydration, cellular intoxication, lack of circulation and electrical flow that leads to cell asphyxiation, finally resulting in cell mutation….as long as the body has sufficient alkaline potential from a well-balanced diet and all of its elimination routes are open, cell-damaging acids can be safely neutralized and excreted from the body…If we habitually consume fresh, organic, high alkaline forming fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and legumes grown in rich topsoil, avoiding as much as humanly possible the ‘acid landmines’ of our modern civilization, we can properly alkalize the body and stay healthy. When our blood contains living nutrients, our body’s cell metabolism and pH are in proper balance. When our cells are properly nourished, hydrated, and oxygenated, it is virtually impossible for us to become unwitting victims of illness and disease.’ We must get our pH back up to 7 or above, and the right food and alkaline water is the key”

‘Myth’ 4: Cancer has a sweet tooth. Didn’t even read this one…the title gives it away. Cancer most definitely DOES have a sweet tooth. In fact, that is how a PET scan locates it because it metabolizes the radioactive sugar compound so quickly which causes the areas to “light up”. From the US Library of Medicine with the National Institutes of Health, “A common use for PET is to measure the rate of consumption of glucose in different parts of the body. Accumulation of the radiolabelled glucose analogue 18-fluorodeoxyglucose (FDG) allows measurement of the rate of consumption of glucose. One clinical use of this is to distinguish between benign and malignant tumours (malignant tumours metabolise glucose at a faster rate than benign tumours). Whole body scans are often performed to stage a cancer.” No, cancer doesn’t like sugar, they just use it to diagnose it. Nice try, Big Pharm, but we’re on to you. Some research actually suggests that cancer not only feeds on sugar, but is caused by sugar.

‘Myth’ 5: Cancer is a fungus and sodium bicarbonate is the cure.  A friend of mine recently wrote a blog entry addressing this. I don’t necessarily know that sodium bicarb is the cure, however, most fungus also cannot survive in an alkaline environment so that brings us back to Myth 3. And, it’s not a matter of eating “acidic” or “alkaline” foods. For example, a lemon is very acidic yet presents alkaline in the body. For more info on which foods are alkalizing vs acid-forming, see this chart.

‘Myth’ 6: There’s a miracle cancer cure.  I don’t know that there’s ONE miracle cure. There are DOZENS. Thousands have reversed cancer with cannabis oil, as well as using coffee enemas as part of a protocol called Gerson Therapy which HAS been suppressed for decades. I will share a video that shares about this therapy and suppression in the myth related to suppression, Myth 7. I don’t know that coffee enemas alone are known to cure cancer and I’m not sure that cannabis oil ALONE would always either…again, twisting of the words. Bottom line, you MUST eliminate all sources of toxins and quit contributing to the state of the body that supports disease and breakdown of the immune system in order for the natural therapies to work optimally. It’s like trying to brush your teeth while eating an oreo if you don’t go back to the basics. So, yes, I’m sure there have been people living extremely toxic lives who just start cannabis oil or coffee enemas ONLY and haven’t made it. The body must be supported to heal, period, which brings me to the fact that chemo certainly is the polar opposite. Most cancer patients die from the chemo, not the cancer. This video is a very interesting interview with an MD about natural therapies and choosing the right one.

‘Myth’ 7: …and Big Pharma are suppressing it.  In the video at the end of this blog (which has several great links to further info on natural cures and survivors), Dr. Patrick Vickers details all the suppression that has occurred with only ONE type of natural therapy. Medicine is not interested in a cure…cancer is a multi-billion dollar per year industry. Don’t you find it interesting that none of the big cancer charities donate to further researching natural cures that thousands have used in recent years? They know it’s happening but don’t care to explore it. That’s because 1-they would be “wasting” their investment as it’s nothing they can later patent and utilize in the largest profit scam in world history. 2-they like to keep it so that there’s minimal full-blown research studies on natural therapies as it would destroy their profit machine and it’s easier to say there’s no established research and have their “answers” remain the only answer in the eyes of Americans.

‘Myth’ 8: Cancer treatment kills more than it cures.  It’s too far past my bedtime to go into a lot of detail here, but I will provide you with an opportunity for education…read on this blog just below the image about a personal conversation I recently had with a pharmacist and see how comforted you feel about the conventional “advanced treatments”.  I’d also highly suggest renting or purchasing the film.

‘Myth’ 9: We’ve made no progress in treating cancer.  HA! Not even worth my energy. But, here is some well-researched insight that will make the “magic numbers’ more clear.

‘Myth’ 10: Sharks don’t get cancer. Really? I think they ran out of “myths” to debunk.

Final note:

At the end of this article it is stated, “The content of this article was written by Oliver Childs and Kat Arney as a blog entry for Cancer Research UK.” Interesting. I have not studied Cancer Research UK, but at a quick glance of their site, I’m betting they’re right in line with the American Cancer Society which is a complete fraud that relies on deceptive marketing.

Holistically Heal Mission (holisticallyheal.me) does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment and does not claim to prevent, cure or treat any disease process, but rather provides assistance for you to learn to support your body in a way to allow for God to do the healing. See Full Disclaimer Here

Responses by others on the initial post:

*If our immune systems were working perfectly we would not have cancer or any chronic or autoimmune diseases. When our immune systems are down and our bodies are off balance is when our bodies become sick. So if we build our immune system and quit feeding the cancer our bodies will heal…our bodies are amazing…when you give them what they need they will heal. Cancer or fungus cannot live in an oxygen environment. It’s been tested over and over that sugar feeds cancer and fungus.  There have been 1000s of tests that prove this. There have been thousands of tests proving herbs and foods kill cancer cells.There are hundreds of thousands of people out there like me that have healed from what the doctors said was stage 4 cancer. I’m living proof that if you give your body what it needs it will heal. If chemo and radiation were working, why are so many people dying? It’s not working, it’s poison. Here is a blog I wrote on the link between cancer and fungus. When they do a prostate PSA test for cancer they test for fungus …I could go into long explanations on each of the 10 so called myths. Radiation causes cancer. Chemo poisons your body and kills all good cells too….and it’s not working. I really BELIEVE from the bottom of my heart that if you give your body what it needs, it will heal. I’m living proof…the doctors gave me 3 weeks to live June 11. 211. I’ve been cancer free for 2 1/2 years. And please believe me the doctors know nothing about natural remedies or nutrition as they do not learn any of that in medical school. They listen to the hundreds of pharmaceutical reps that come in their offices selling them on their drugs.I know it’s hard and I know your heart is heavy…and you would do anything to safe your angel’s live…..please pray on it and ask God to guide you….my heart would say to you please add juicing, natural remedies essential oils, etc. Love you and you’re both in my thoughts and prayers

*I will respond more in detail later, but for now wanted to remind you that you must be cautious with juicing due to his chemo history as well as current regime. The juicing will detox his cells and begin to allow all the toxins from the chemo stored in his tissues to be released into the blood stream for removal from the body. Too much at one time could be detrimental. Just start slow on the juicing. In other words, don’t start juicing him 3-5 times per day…he’ll experience toxin overload, in essence it will poison him. You have to gradually juice and allow him to only release what his body can handle at one time until his overall toxin load is lower.

*Here are basic rules for taking Cannabis Hemp Oil: Start with 1/4 rice grain sized blob. More like a dot in an open ended gel cap. This very important cause it gets you real high especially if you are not used to it. You go a few days doing that few times a day and work increasing up to a whole rice size 4 times a day then increase to 1 gram a day for cancer. Which some say is equal to 20 rice grains. Can measure usually from syringe or put in gel caps and weigh. For diabetes probably a rice grain or two a few times a week before bed from what we hear. NO ONE HAS EVER OD’d ON MARIJUANA OIL EVER!!! But many take too much the first time and freak out! They end up in ER for panic attacks. The doctors if you are lucky will send you home to read a book. If they want you in their system I’ve heard have put people in mental hospitals cause they went to ER on Cannabis Hemp Oil. So never go to ER! Get control of your breathing and just know that it will go away. Breath deep in your nose out your mouth. It’s okay to just get under covers and ride it out. It cleanses your pineal gland. It makes you very introspective and helps you figure out what emotional issues are contributing to your dis – ease. Remember… you are an amazing spirit having a physical experience. Do not fear death. The Dead Sea Scrolls talk about re-incarnation. We all have eternal life. You don’t die when you drop the body. Your soul just moves on. So breath deep and get well. Many come out of hospice when finally getting on the oil. Depends on how much damage was done by chemo/radiation/surgery. Word on street is 80% of people that take the oil and do not do any western medicine in combination with alkaline diet and detox program are walking away cancer free. After 90 days of being on full dose of 1 gram a day cancers are normally on the way out. You can then go to a maintenance dose of just one rice size blob before bed to keep cannabinoid system working. And of course keep your pH above 7! PS: As of this printing for Seizures and pain: The high CBD oil is best combined with some THC is what mothers are reporting for childhood seizures and old folks for pain. But, there is no miracle silver bullet cure but the oil seems to be one of most successful treatments over all I’ve seen to date. People do only it and live. No diet or supplements. I wouldn’t recommend that but some do it that way.

*Not a fan of this article, most of what it addresses are what we use as preventatives to not only cancer but any illness. Prevention is the key… This article compared carrots to cake… totally absurd! It’s obvious what side of the fence the researchers are on…the article states clearly that they support big pharma & actually says how offended the community is that anyone would suggest they hide the cure as the have also had friends & family die from cancer… I see this as a condescending/defensive article that is suppose to leave you questioning your beliefs. My take on it is to trust your intuition, we’re each here to live this life for different reasons… Follow the path that calls you to you! XO

2 thoughts on “Taking on the Cancer Cronies”

  1. You have debunked it all perfectly. You cannot cure cancer if you do not eliminate the cause. Jesicha’s Hope works personally with every person that comes to us, We carefully get them to understand cancer was not born with them as some doctors suggest, nor is cancer the disease itself – rather cancer is born out of a toxic dump site [if you will ] within your body, how it got there is multi-faceted for sure. The objective in curing cancer is to stop feeding the dump site – detox [ clean up the dump site], rebuild the immune system [our ONLY defense] and help that immune system with some extra artillery [ non-invasive cancer treatments].
    I am know to repeat this often so call it my mantra – You have to be in balance and in harmony! No healing occurs unless this is so. Drugs don’t create harmony and creates a horrible imbalance in our nutrient levels. Organic living – that means from foods to drinks to cleaning and bathing – Organic is untouched, real and unadulterated, it is what our bodies need and what it deserves.


    Who are these pseudo scientists?

    I am a mechanical engineer (amonst other things) so I studied systems dynamics where the environment is explicitly included in the analysis of actual systems behavior.

    But “corporate science” typically does not align with that paradigm (there are many explanations for that, but especially “greedy opportunism and allocating ‘solutions’ to narrowly defined problem domains for profit” fits the bill. And in a lot of cases they are even the creators of those problem domains. Indeed … how pathetic their “science” can be.

    Do I hate science? Absolutely not. I LOVE science. REAL SCIENCE that is. Not the science of some internet crooks like IFLS or thier especially selected contributors.

    I suggest to do a simple journalistic content analysis and you will know where IFLS comes from and where it goes. I have done that and IFLS is part of the corporate dis-information strategy which is a reactive response to those who oppose their greedy and opportunistic thinking. Not an opinion, just an analysis.

    So I love science. But I HATE the corruption of science. The greedy corporate invasion of our universities. The rediculous excessive lobbying. The grant systems from their so-called “non-profit” affiliates. etcetera, etcetera.

    These “scientists” on corporate budgets still follow their bosses opportunistic “analytical” paradigms (easier to do for second-rate scientists and of course more pseudo-scientists are available from that pool of idiots). And of course it makes it easier to define a project and to control those budgets.

    Compartimentalized scientists on corporate budgets!

    And THAT is far from any scientific approach. It’s more like children who put everything in their mouth that they can lay their hands on. Nice for children but not so nice for adults. And certainly not nice for adults who are in the position to define what our world looks like and what it is going to look like in the future. Analytical thinking excludes a lot of functional and environmental interaction analysis. And it NEEDS to be counter-balanced with systems thinking. They are both necessary in REAL science.

    To make a difficult subject hopefully easier to understand: one cannot understand the functionality of the parts of a car, by simply looking at those parts. Gears have no function unless they interact with each other and the environment. Like suspension systems are interacting with the ground (environmental input to the suspension system under consideration).

    And so is the environment interacting with our bodies and minds and hearts. Every part of us. This statement stems from system dynamics principles, A REAL SCIENTIFIC PARADIGM!

    But many people still see holistic thinking as someting obscure and as non-science. WHICH IT IS NOT!


    Holistic thinking is very close to systems dynamics and just like systems dynamics it is under-funded. More “scientists” should enter the area of “systems interactions” which IS PART OF SCIENCE. And factually it is the same as holistics.

    Keep up the good work Rachel!

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