A profound healing journey

We are all connected...

Don’t you wish you could just click your heels and manifest your own reality? You can. Your wildest dreams, aspirations and visions of life for yourself are just an awakening away. Read on and you will understand.

I’ve always been a very spiritually grounded person. My mother has referred to me as “spirited” since I was a young child. I’ve always felt I was an “old soul” and was connected to something much bigger than I, but hadn’t been able to put my finger on it until recently. I was raised in a Baptist church, but as I got older I began to move away from “religion” and just work on my own relationship with The Almighty, the Creator Of All That Is, trying to understand just what this world is…it just didn’t make sense to me that the same individuals who preach to not judge are often the first to do so. I couldn’t make sense of all the hypocrisy, not only in the church, but alive and well in the online community of “Christians”. I decided I did not want to define myself as any particular religion. I did not want to limit my relationship with my Creator (I’ve always called Him God, but the worldly name isn’t important) with human ideals and belief systems. I wanted to just exist with the presence of Creator, get to know Creator personally and let Creator share with me all that I am to know.

This journey has been several years in the making and late last year, I felt a strong inclination to just be still and wait for understanding. Creator began to work on me, building a community all around me and a passion for change through me. It was through this community that I was led to Ryan Bloom. Ryan and I had the opportunity to have multiple conversations over his vendor table throughout one weekend at the Live Happy, Be Pure Organic Festival and there was no doubt that a magnificent force had arranged this meeting. You see, Ryan has a deep understanding of his existence here on Earth and I was just an experience away from my own understanding. Although this incredible experience which Ryan introduced me to profoundly impacted my understanding, I still had some loose ends to weave. Now I had complete understanding of how to weave them. I just needed to BE and allow myself the space to grow. I just needed to exist, quit looking for signs and answers and just do what was presented to me though understanding.  I AM connected to something much bigger. YOU are connected to something much bigger. WE are all connected, in a magnificent way.

Late on a Sunday evening (early on Monday morning), I joined a group of energy healers I found online, as I had been exploring this modality of healing for my daughter. I posted a summary of her story, asking for recommendations of energy healing modalities to research and/or implement in her plan of care. I went off to sleep, to return in the morning to see what kinds of responses I had on the post. On the next morning I ran across a post titled, “Manifestation Monday” which captured my attention with the beautiful photo full of incredible energies. You know those photos that create the optical illusion of movement although still? This photo was much in the same…although my human eyes did not see the image moving, my spiritual eyes felt it moving. Something was definitely drawing me into this field of energy. As I read the description of the photo, I thought, “Wow, here it is. I can do this and there’s absolutely no reason to decline giving it a genuine effort.”

I thought about what was most important to me in this space, in this moment in time. It came to me instantly and I acted, proclaiming my manifestation, fully aware that this was a public post on Facebook and all of my friends and family would see, “Rachel commented [this] on [that]” and might think I’d lost it. Did that bother me? No. Why? Because I had an understanding that it’s not about me and them, it’s about me and Him and about the whole, about humanity, and about understanding. It’s about the journey. If you want to experience your intended journey in full light, you must let go of worries of judgments and just BE. I had an understanding that He created us with an innate power though Him to do anything and everything. And, now…it’s time for the guts of this blog entry…are you ready for this?!?!

My intended manifestation follows:
“I create the space to step into the infinite knowledge that I now access to fully heal my daughter, Braelyn, and to guide her into her ability and power to have and achieve her own hopes and dreams in this moment and throughout her life. I envision this and something greater than my imagination AND SO IT IS!!”

I’m going to let you in on a little secret. I didn’t know this was going to work, but I knew the biology of belief. I knew if I didn’t believe it could happen it surely wouldn’t. So, I figured nothing to lose in following through with this action I was being nudged to perform, right? Right. Now let me tell you what did manifest as a result of that conscious awareness and action…

Nearly 100 comments rolled in on my post over the next few days. I had so much information, encouragement and now the knowledge that I most definitely could heal my baby and facilitate her journey to everything I’d envisioned for her while pregnant with her and more. Then, on the third day after the inquiring post, I received this comment:

“Rachel, when you are ready I would be glad to do a free matrix session for your daughter so you can see and experience how some of this energy work flows. Just PM me when you like. I offer free sessions when the Field opens that option. It is open for you.”

Wow. Pretty cool. So, I scheduled the session. In that session it was confirmed that I was on the right track with turning to energy healing as a possible solution. The first thing this healer told me was that Braelyn’s aura on the entire left side of her body was collapsed. Braelyn’s therapists have always communicated that her left side was weaker, with every milestone and every approaching accomplished milestone. Just a couple of weeks earlier I had taken her to a free energy healing circle where one of the healers asked me if something was wrong with her left leg because his became numb when interacting with her. He said he often experiences that sensation when there was a hindrance of some kind in the respective body part of the individual with which he was working. At the time, I thought, “Hm. That’s interesting. I think we are on the right track with exploring the possibilities of energy healing.” This second healer just solidified it. Confirmation two: check.

A few days later a member from the group reached out to me just to connect as she was also an RN who had moved into holistic nursing from the traditional setting. In that conversation, she told me, “Xxxxxx is amazing. He and the creator of the group have done many teaching sessions together. If he offers to help, take it, as he is very selective in offering.” Unbelievably, shortly after, this healer she had mentioned commented on the post requesting permission to assist…and in a message stated,

“You have come strongly to my mind.” He later revealed this in response to my thanking him:
“The love you have for your children and your selfless unconditional compassion leaves me in your debt.” He revealed to me an infinite knowledge of my daughter’s spiritual journey which lead to her choosing to enter this life with such a challenge to overcome. It’s a beautiful story, but I will save that story for her to share someday as she discovers it in her own time. In later conversations, I sent him a picture of Braelyn and said, “Braelyn says thank you!” He responded, “She looks so much better already. The left side is healing nicely. Energetically it will take a wee while to permeate through every cell.” Interestingly, I had not mentioned to him about her left side, nor about the other healer working with her during a recent session. He had seen a picture of her in my original post and had obviously also noticed something off with her left side. Confirmation three: check. This healer a few days later worked with Braelyn’s energy field and spiritual realm to remove impedances. We could identify changes the very next day.

I had been researching a particular therapy with advanced technology for Braelyn as a possible option for a few months. The problem is these units (the style that was most promising for Braelyn) range from $2400-5000 to purchase and there were no practitioners within 2 hours of us (I hadn’t yet checked any further) to try a few sessions to determine if it would help her before trying to figure out where to come up with that kind of money. So, I had reached out to a clinic way beyond our reach geographically to inquire about renting a unit as a practitioner. Long story short, after communicating with the clinic manager, she decided to put me in contact directly with the CEO and asked for a summary of what was going on with my daughter.

A few days later I received a call from the CEO whom shared with me the amazing healing journey she had experienced with her daughter two decades earlier. She feels that there is a good chance that this technology may help Braelyn as well. What happened next left me speechless. She offered to use her flight miles to fly to my nearest airport, spend a day training me on how to use the unit and leave her unit with me to provide this therapy to Braelyn to help determine if we were able to see results…AT NO CHARGE. Excuse me? I was stunned and silent for a moment as I just was completely astounded at how the universe seemed to continue to bend for Braelyn and didn’t even know how to respond. I told her I didn’t even know how to respond but to say thank you. She replied, “Here’s your divine intervention.” She let me know she’d get back to me on her schedule…and when she did, her available dates just happened to fall to arrive the day before my daughter’s birthday and to leave on the morn of her birthday. Happy Birthday, Braelyn! Unbelievable. Braelyn will be two on August 22 and I hope to have more beautiful news shortly after.

The blessings keep coming…two days ago I was informed that a woman I was in contact with through the group (she had initially reached out on that third day as well) has arranged a healing session for Braelyn with a world renowned healer…this session is scheduled for next Thursday. Updates to come.

“We teach and heal many thousands around the planet through xxxxxxxx. Dr. Xxxxxxx Xxxxxx has been healing for many years. I had sent you this message while we were teaching in Xxxxxx. We recently made it back to the states and I am glad you have now answered. Normally I do not extend offers to strangers on Facebook as we are so busy already but I felt a connection and thought maybe we could help. Xxxxxxx is willing to do a session. He does not normally do this but I have made arrangements for this. Please keep this between us. Thank you.”

UNIVERSE!!! Are you kidding me right now?!?!


My Manifestation:

“I create the space to step into the infinite knowledge that I now access to fully heal my daughter, Braelyn, and to guide her into her ability and power to have and achieve her own hopes and dreams in this moment and throughout her life. I envision this and something greater than my imagination AND SO IT IS!!”


“Normally I do not extend offers to strangers… but I felt a connection…he does not normally do this…”

“I offer free sessions when the Field opens that option. It is open for you.”

“You have come strongly to my mind. The love you have for your children and your selfless unconditional compassion leaves me in your debt.”

“Here’s your divine intervention.”

Is this all a mere coincidence? Is it just by chance that all of these healers, spiritual in nature, have felt a calling to reach out and offer free services and share incredible, infinite knowledge? Is it a fluke that my child has made astounding changes in the last few weeks since all this began? Or…are we all connected to one another and to the universal source of energy, designed by the Creator Of All That Is, that exists within and all around us?

At some point, I will be completing and publishing my book, A Mother’s Promise, detailing all the trials, challenges, joys, adventures, and promises that arose through this beautiful experience of raising a special needs child. I hope from this post, and from my book, you are as moved as I have been in this experience…and I hope it intrigues you to take the first step to come to know your inner wisdom. It is truly profound…my life will never be the same. 

Through this experience I have learned that it truly is possible for anyone to become a wayshower…you must first be willing to abandon the ideals that have been instilled since birth in order to discover your own path…and then be willing to show the way to others. If you are ready for change and would like to learn more about guiding your own destiny and requesting your wants and desires from universe, contact me to learn how I began my spiritual awakening journey and I’ll be happy to share!

4 thoughts on “A profound healing journey”

  1. (arrogantly) I know that I am smart and (a lot less arrogantly) I am also smart enough to realize my own impedances. Because I do have some of those.. Of course I do, as I am also a product of my past, a product of paradigms and education. But as humans (actually.. any life form) we are all connected to that great energy. Energy = Life and Life = Energy. It’s the same thing. I wrote to you before about “system dynamics” being the same as holistics and I will add one thing now: THE LIFE FORCE IS THE ONLY FORCE THAT LOWERS THE ENTROPY WITHIN ITS SYSTEM BORDERS. That is real science and it is absolutely compatible with your views and your experiences. It is the organizing force that withstands entropy increase within its own borders by absobing exergy (EX-ERGY) from ANY exergy gradient (be it from a height difference, solar radiation, a chemical potential or whatever potential). Life is capable of exploiting these exergy gradients by extracting part of that exergy (like a turbine that generates electricity from flowing water), increasing the ordering and lessening the forces of chaos within it life systems borders. Again: this is actually common SCIENCE.

    Happy to know you and ..
    Love you Rachel!

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