Organic farmers of Southeast Missouri~Welcome!


It was suggested to me to create a page where our local organic farmers can comment what produce, meats, breads, etc. they have available for sourcing for our local restaurants that wish to join our efforts for local change. In order to beat the beast~Big Ag~we must, across America, support our local farmers that support sustainable agriculture in their practice. We must be their lifeline. We must insure they are able to continue their practice to support their families and pass on the ancient wisdom of sustainability to future generations of farmers. We must make it known that there is not a demand for pesticide and chemical laden foods, and there is not a demand for unsustainable practices like GMO farming. We must vote with our dollars, be cognizant of who and what our dollars are supporting and how that translates to future generations, to the world that we are borrowing from our children and our grandchildren.

Organic farmers* local to southeast Missouri, please comment below what products you have available for our local restaurants that desire to make efforts for change. I will be building a master list from our local meetings, phone communications, and in-person visits and will add those to this page as we make progress in developing our list. It is my goal to have at least one restaurant in our local area offer at least one option before the end of this season.

*Not required to be USDA organic certified, only capable of articulating and/or demonstrating upon a visit to your farm the measures you take to provide clean, sustainable food sources. Recommendations will also be taken from our local network of organic consumers and farmers that are familiar with fellow farmers’ practices. I will be working with my dear friend Organic Guru Lynnette Marie, author of Fuel for the Body and founder of the Pure Integrity Verified Seal and local organic farmers in “approving” the organic status of other local farms, in order to give confidence to our local consumers and restaurants that they are receiving what they seek in quality food.

Sign the petition to bring organic options to Cape Girardeau area dining establishments!!.



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