Overwhelmed with Probiotics choices?

Everyone seems to be talking about probiotics these days, but do you find yourself…
  • Wondering what they are and why you need them?
  • Wondering when you should take them and what form is best (empty stomach or full, capsule, powder, liquid…)?
  • Confused by all the probiotic products on the market today?
  • Wondering about bacteria counts and if you really “get what you pay for” with probiotics?
  • Concerned about genetically modified or cheaply mass produced strains cultured in questionable media?
  • Wishing you could get answers to these questions and more by talking with a world expert in probiotics?


This event has already taken place, but you can access the recorded call here.
On April 9th, Lacey Swartz, Miessence Representative, will be interviewing Czerral, a pioneer in superfoods and probiotics, and creator and formulator of certified organic prebiotic probiotic fermented superfoods (COPPFS). With 35 years of leadership in the health food industry, Czerral offers a vast wealth of knowledge and insight to everyone joining our call. Get the knowledge you need to evaluate your probiotic options in general and also learn about the advantages of certified organic prebiotic probiotic fermented superfoods, such as InLiven and Fast Tract (which have made huge differences in my health).
“Back by popular demand and having been so greatly received before, I am delighted to be hosting another one of these teleseminars.  I greatly appreciate Czerral’s real-food-only perspectives, his knowledge, insight, experience, and most of all, his genuine desire to truly help people through his work.”
Join us on Wednesday afternoon, April 9th, at 2:00 PM US Eastern time for this live educational interview. There will be time for Q&A as well.
I was made aware of this opportunity by Jim Kueny of Miessence organics. Jim and I met at the Live Happy, Be Pure Organic Festival in Branson, Missouri last weekend and I am thrilled to be able to bring this information to you! Thank you for sharing, Jim.

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