Cape Girardeau will enter the Live Happy, Be Pure Tour!

I have a very exciting announcement for our area! Through my efforts I have become acquainted with and come to know Organic Guru Lynette Marie of Fuel for the Body very well over the last few months. Our local efforts are now endorsed and supported by the Live Happy, Be Pure movement! Check out this event in Branson (don’t miss the 4 minute video on the home page at the link below) and see if you might be able to make it. I will be in attendance and Lynette and I will soon be planning a similar event for Cape Girardeau to boost local awareness and help get some restaurants on board to serve organic and toxic-free options! Lynette will be advertising for the event once scheduled, but if you’d like a direct notification from me, just comment below and I’ll add you to my mailing list to notify when registration for this event is available. We are Movin’ and Shakin’, CG!!!

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