Welcome to my journey!


About three years ago, I quit seeing clients as I needed to focus 100% on my youngest’s healing journey. I have been on a focused healing journey with her ever since. She is coming along phenomenally! When I look back at where we were three years ago, I am blown away…heck, I’m blown away everyday with her new surprises! Anyhow, the focus has now shifted to self-care and replenishing what the three plus years of dedicated puzzle solving drained from me. The time is near, but I am not yet taking clients at this time. However, I have become aquainted with some fabulous practitioners along our journey and would love to share with you these wonderful women who helped guide us in our journey!

I will be working on updating my site to share the most treasured resources, practitioners, etc. Feel free to browse my blog in the meantime 🙂 Stay tuned for some exciting announcements!!

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